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Integrate design and manufacturing in one application

SOLIDWORKS CAM is a fully integrated knowledge-based technology that allows you to integrate design and manufacturing processes under one system to evaluate designs earlier in the process to avoid unexpected costs and delays in finishing products on time. SOLIDWORKS CAM leverages the rich content in the 3D CAD model to speed up product development and reduce error prone, time consuming, repetitive manual steps in the current development process, like programming CNC machines. Knowledge Based Machining (KBM) is the foundation for streamlining the programming process, learning as you program which frees up your time to focus on the critical areas of the components.

SOLIDWORKS CAM is an add-in to all versions of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD. It provides you with the ability to:

  • Recognize certain types of geometry not only as CAD features, but to understand how much those features will be manufactured, and even how much it will cost to manufacture
  • Read tolerances and surface finishes and make decisions about how to manufacture the product
  • Automatically apply best manufacturing strategies that you like to use so that manufacturing processes can be not only faster, but also more standardized
  • Automate quoting and compare it to traditional methods to ensure all aspects of the part are accounted for ahead of time


Features also include:

  • Model Based Definition (MBD) is leveraged to ensure machining strategies are automatically adjusted based on tolerance specifications
  • Automatic Feature Recognition allows prismatic parts to be automatically programmed while referencing programming standards
  • 2.5 axis functionality including part & assembly machining

SOLIDWORKS CAM provides a suite of tools that combine industry-leading rendering capabilities with design-oriented features and workflows. Import SOLIDWORKS and many other CAD formats to create complex machining strategies ready in minutes.