Industry Innovation

Securely store, organize, and manage your content and collaborate in real-time with Industry Innovation on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

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Industry Innovation

Industry Innovation provides an essential set of apps for real-time, secure and structured data management on all product related content. It enables real-time collaboration in a secured manner, immersive business intelligence to manage business highlights, and easy management and organization of tasks. Providing a scalable, online environment for managing product design, multi-physics simulation and manufacturing process planning with maximum traceability and flexibility. Industry Innovation extends and supports compliance to standard enterprise business processes (Change, Project, Quality, etc) when relevant Roles are added, connecting the entire industry value chain.

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Key Features:

Basic Data and Lifecycle Management

Industry Innovation introduces basic Data Management capabilities. Your designs are stored online, iterated and securely managed. Data cannot be lost or deleted by accident. It also provides a scalable infrastructure to allow you to manage maturity of your products and designs by using Lifecycle Management capabilities.

Manage and Share Content for Effective Collaboration

Distributed team members can share any content in a very simplified way using the 3DSpace app. The app enables users to create and manage collaborative spaces, add members with different access right levels, and provide direct access to any stored content. Access to collaborative spaces is secure, as each user is granted access as a member of a collaborative space with a given role for a given organization.

Collaborate More Effectively with Streamlined Content Access

You can access your data anytime, anywhere from any device. Industry Innovation enables global users to easily access product-content and data through a browser Industry Innovation supports the product development process in any enterprise or in any industry. It provides virtual teams with a robust set of collaborative services to increase the innovation, speed, and effectiveness dramatically of core processes (engineering, design, manufacturing, quality, quality, marketing, etc.

Rapidly Obtain Accurate Design Context

Because assemblies are managed in the "database" and not in "files", only components selected manually or resulting from intuitive 3D searches are retrieved. An accurate design context is established quickly, Web-based visualization enables fast 3D navigation of an entire product to help quickly establish the right context enabling more time for innovation.

Easily Find and Reuse IP

Metadata and geometry are indexed, enabling users, from any location to quickly find parts meeting their requirements. Users cans search by metadata or use 3D-based intelligent searches from millions of parts in one single repository. Improved reuse reduces costs and improves quality from using proven technology.

Improve Product Quality

As the design is authored by globally dispersed teams, the real-time DMU (Digital Mockup) is accessible to anyone in the enterprise with a very intuitive interface that does not require CAD skills. This enables all non-CAD users to participate in reviews to catch the issues much sooner that can be expensive to resolve later in the cycle, thereby improving product quality and reducing cost

Product Explorer

With Industry Innovation, users can navigate the entire product structure in 3D regardless of size. Users can filter the product structure based on diverse criteria to find the needed parts quickly. The used criteria for filtering can be saved for reuse. Owing to the common data model and data-driven architecture, users can identify dependencies inside one domain and between domains. They can navigate between design components and related items such as other designs, simulations, drawings, manufacturing processes, functional and logical views, etc. Better decision-making occurs when a user can determine the impact of design modifications.

Enjoy Immersive Business Intelligence

Key performance indicators (KPIs) can be highlighted directly on the 3D design model, using the B.I. Essential tool. Various stakeholders can visualize and present information quickly, displaying specific attributes obtained from various 3DEXPERIENCE® apps. Examples include regulatory compliance, failure rate, program risk level, and product lifecycle stage/maturity.