Product Data Management

Take control of your data to enhance collaboration and innovation

Access, store, change and approve design data more efficiently with SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management software.Uniquely adapted to the requirements of geographically dispersed workgroups, SOLIDWORKS PDM software can be deployed in a fraction of the time required by other PDM and PLM systems.

SOLIDWORKS PDM helps organizations manage and share product data more effectively and automate workflow to allow better collaboration from engineering to the shop floor, resulting in better products, lower costs, and faster time to market. Easy to implement and use, SOLIDWORKS PDM software is the only product data management solution (PDM solution) entirely integrated within Windows Explorer.

Users perform all functions either through Windows Explorer or one of its CAD integrations. Through this SOLIDWORKS PDM software functionality, users across the enterprise can readily manage files and collaborate more effectively throughout the product life-cycle.


  • Secure access
  • Easy, fast implementation
  • Revision Control
  • Reduce search time by 90%
  • Scalability
  • Custom configuration
  • Find and reuse design data
  • Full document preview
  • Distributed design teams
  • Remote access
  • Automated approval process
  • Audit trail


Enhanced SOLIDWORKS PDM Workflow and User Properties

Route documents and contact users more efficiently with enhanced workflow and expanded SOLIDWORKS PDM user properties.

  • Reduce delays and accelerate your time-to-market
  • Simplify process mapping requiring multiple approvers with parallel workflow transition
  • Automatically keep interested parties updated with Workflow Timers
  • Display user’s current status with Presence Note
  • Provide instant links to connect with user property pop-ups

Rapidly find data and control access

Focus your design organization on product innovation with tools to quickly and efficiently find, share, and reuse data

  • Search for data in multiple ways, using parameters such as document or file name, contained data, or custom properties like part number, description, and current workflow state (for example, released or in process)
  • Save searches for easy reuse, individually or across the enterprise
  • Prevent designers from accidentally overwriting files through integrated version control
  • Easily produce customized bills of materials (BOMs) for individual departments
  • Manage, view, and print documents from more than 250 file types, including major CAD formats, Microsoft® Office, images, and animations
  • Protect data from theft, damage, or misuse with secure login
  • Always ensure manufacturing has the right version, avoiding costly mistakes


Included with the SOLIDWORKS Premium and SOLIDWORKS Professional design packages, SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard software helps individuals and small workgroups manage projects and control their design revisions.

The simple data vault of Workgroup PDM provides file security with little IT support, and its tight integration with SOLIDWORKS design software makes PDM Standard easy to learn. Advanced search, notifications, and secure file access increase productivity across your entire design group.