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SOLIDWORKS PCB is focused on bringing the best of both worlds together. Do what you do best in SOLIDWORKS CAD, and let SOLIDWORKS PCB handle all of your PCB design needs which was engineered specifically for SOLIDWORKS® collaboration.

We’ve combined the best technology in PCB design with an easy-to-use interface and linked it with SOLIDWORKS CAD to give you an efficient design experience that gets your PCBs done quickly and easily — just what you need when PCBs are only a part of your product design workflow.

With SOLIDWORKS PCB, you get the best of both worlds – powerful PCB design technology and direct integration with SOLIDWORKS CAD. Keeping your electrical and mechanical designs in sync has never been easier with a managed ECO change process and distinct workflows that keeps you at your most productive.

SOLIDWORKS PCBPowerful PCB Design Technology

At its core, SOLIDWORKS PCB provides the best in PCB design technology, capable of meeting the demands of today’s increasingly complex product designs. We’ve packed in all of the latest features to keep you at your most efficient from schematic to board layout with over two decades of PCB design technology running under the hood, all powered by Altium.


SOLIDWORKS PCB is a professional PCB design tool engineered specifically to bridge the gap between electrical and mechanical designs. Keep your ECAD and MCAD designs connected with managed ECO change processes, distinct workflows, and seamless integration with SOLIDWORKS CAD, all while maintaining your preferred workflow.

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SOLIDWORKS PCB Features and Benefits

SOLIDWORKS PCB doesn’t compromise on its core focus, with a powerful set of PCB design features to meet the demands of today’s complex product designs.

Proven PCB Design Engine

Getting your designs done as quickly and easily as possible is always a top priority. Meeting those critical time-to-market windows requires a PCB design tool capable of keeping up with the demands of your complex designs. SOLIDWORKS PCB is packed with all of the latest design technology, powered by over 25 years of R&D experience from the PCB design experts at Altium.

  • Interactive Router
    An interactive routing engine helps to maximize your routing efficiency and flexibility with intuitive modes such as single trace, push, and avoid obstacle dragging to move around common obstacles in your board layout, making routing your board faster and easier than ever.
  • Real-Time 3D Clearance Checking
    Don’t waste money on costly prototypes. Confirm that your board and components fit your mechanical enclosure with a powerful 3D engine that lets you visualize the full picture of your design in Native 3D.
  • Differential Pair Routing
    Differential pair routing tools in SOLIDWORKS PCB keeps you at your most productive so you can get your designs done faster.
  • Comprehensive Design Rule Checking
    Real-time design rule checking makes your design process even easier, removing the worry of whether you are in compliance with your manufacturing constraints. Easily check for violations on your PCB, and fix them on the fly with real-time DRC.

Streamlined Schematic Editor

A streamlined schematic editing environment gives you the tools you need to bring your designs to life. With access to real-time component supply chain information and comprehensive rule checking, your schematic designs get done quickly and easily.

  • Hierarchical Multi-Sheet Design
    No more headaches trying to keep your design data organized. Hierarchical multi-sheet design helps keep your design files organized and easy to update with a clearly defined project structure.
  • Electrical Rule Check
    Electrical rule checks in SOLIDWORKS PCB keep your schematics error-free. The comprehensive set of rules checks for proper connectivity and parameter settings in your design, and the customizable connection matrix let you choose which specific errors get toggled, saving you hours trying to manually diagnose flaws in your schematics.
  • Library Management
    Libraries of schematic templates and components are available within easy reach, making your design re-use process more efficient than it has ever been. Easily combine and manage libraries in a single location, with parts that you know and trust from successful past projects.

Unified Design Environment

Both the schematic and PCB editor are integrated in one unified system in SOLIDWORKS PCB. You’ll barely notice the change as you transition from your schematic to board layout process, allowing you to stay at your most productive in a familiar design environment.

  • Schematic to PCB ECO
    Changes to your schematic design can be quickly synced with your board layout through an Engineering Change Order process. At any point during schematic capture, you can easily review all changes and instantly update your PCB layout, allowing you to get to work on your board immediately.
  • Streamlined Interface
    An easy-to-use interface keeps you at the highest peak of your efficiency. With a streamlined ribbon-UI layout, all the features you need for your daily workflow are at the front and center in SOLIDWORKS PCB.
  • Version Control
    There’s no better way to unite your design environment than to have the finest degree of control between versions and changes made to your designs. Easily manage and compare all history and changes made to design files, and keep your design on track.

Maximum Design Efficiency

Taking your PCB designs to the next level requires a powerful set of features. SOLIDWORKS PCB has what you need to tackle your next design project.

  • Pin Swapping
    Automate the time-consuming process of manually re-assigning nets on high pin-count components in your design. With pin swapping, you can interactively swap and optimize pin configurations in seconds, saving you countless hours in your design process.
  • Component Placement Rules
    SOLIDWORKS PCB keeps you in sync with your manufacturing requirements with component placement rules, allowing you to easily define rules for component height and positioning on your board.
  • Supplier Links
    Meeting budgets and deadlines becomes even easier with real-time supplier information. Supplier links tie your PCB to the larger design ecosystem, connecting you with supplier databases to give accurate information on component pricing and availability.


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