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SOLIDWORKS Composer helps everyone in your organization, including non-technical users, leverage 3D CAD data to create dynamic graphical content that clearly and effectively depicts even your most complex products. The simple, intuitive interface gives you tools to help you easily develop informative graphics. These graphics can be used in a broad range of technical communications, including assembly instructions, product manuals, training materials, and marketing collateral. And all with content that can be updated automatically.

Now you can design and produce technical communication deliverables in parallel with product development—so your documentation keeps up with your design changes and is ready at the same time as your product.

With the intuitive SOLIDWORKS Composer interface, you can create highly detailed 2D and 3D graphics with precise control to highlight areas of interest and focus on specific components. You can just as easily output 3D interactive animations to create a realistic 3D environment for interactive training or compelling marketing presentations.

Because SOLIDWORKS Composer is associative, you can automatically update any changes you make to the CAD models in your technical communication deliverables. For the first time, you can get products to market faster with the assurance that your documentation is both high-quality and accurate. SOLIDWORKS Composer pictures and animations are particularly valuable in simplifying assembly instructions and work orders. You can directly show 3D views of how your product is assembled or repaired, reducing errors on the shop floor, eliminating language barriers, and significantly minimizing localization costs.

With SOLIDWORKS Composer you can:

  • Enhance product communication and marketing collateral
  • Create high-resolution images
  • Start documentation earlier in the design process, and update it faster when design changes occur
  • Add interactive graphics to training materials
  • Demonstrate products more effectively with interactive storyboards
  • Create technical illustrations that add clarity to your product documentation
  • And much more...

SOLIDWORKS Composer Add-On Products

When you're working on multiple documents across several product lines, consistency matters. SOLIDWORKS Composer Sync can help increase your team's productivity, and ensure that your final documents maintain the level of accuracy and consistency you need.

SOLIDWORKS Composer Sync

When you're creating 3D documents, you don't want to rely on manual processes to enforce security settings, such as controlling the level of information recipients can see. SOLIDWORKS Composer Sync lets you establish and enforce standards for publishing consistent documents. You can publish, import, and export settings into batch files to consistently update documents with most-current design files. You can also create templates and settings for publishing consistent output—independent of the party who creates it.

SOLIDWORKS Composer Enterprise Sync

SOLIDWORKS Composer Enterprise Sync is a complete solution for automating the design-to-document process. The standard version of Sync provides everything, plus the ability to execute processes using command-line APIs. You can schedule batch mode tasks to automate routine publishing activities, as well as implement sophisticated integrations with existing PDM, PLM, or ERP systems. When your designs change, workflows can be customized to either notify document owners of the change or execute the update.

Do you want to ensure your assembly and maintenance procedures will continue to work properly as designs evolve? SOLIDWORKS Composer Check makes it easy to detect static and dynamic collisions before the prototype is built, even if the parts are designed using multiple CAD systems.

Take the guesswork out of design

SOLIDWORKS Composer Check improves the design review process by verifying that procedures can actually be performed in the real world. It includes dynamic and static clash and collision detection, allowing users to quickly qualify service and assembly procedures.

SOLIDWORKS Composer Check is especially useful as designs change. It helps identify errors earlier in the process, before products go to manufacture. You can create product procedures with early concept designs. As designs change, you can simply update the new design with a single click, and re-run the procedures in SOLIDWORKS Composer Check to identify any new interference. And since SOLIDWORKS Composer and SOLIDWORKS Composer Check are CAD-agnostic, you can even ensure that something you've designed in SOLIDWORKS will work properly with parts designed in another CAD package.

Do you want to share your SOLIDWORKS Composer documentation with coworkers and partners? Do you want them to have the same fully interactive experience, even if they don't have Composer? No problem – SOLIDWORKS Composer Player makes it easy.

SOLIDWORKS Composer Player (free)

Eventually, you'll need to share paperless instructions and animations with a coworker or vendor who doesn't have SOLIDWORKS Composer. Imagine your staff or vendors in other countries could receive assembly instructions that they can animate, pause, rotate and query for detailed information. No problem.

SOLIDWORKS Composer Player lets anyone view your amazing Composer files—and you can download it for free. You can also save the package from Composer, and it will include the installer and the Composer file in a small self-extracting file, which is small enough to email. With the Rights Manager, you can control detail levels for recipients. Composer's Secure3D Brush™ even lets you control access to geometry. It also protects it from reverse engineering, so you don't have to worry about your intellectual property getting into the wrong hands.

SOLIDWORKS Composer Player Professional

Your vision of going totally paperless can now be a reality. The SOLIDWORKS Composer Player Professional version adds a powerful Applications Programming Interface (API) to the free viewer. By building custom interactive 3D applications, you can develop 3D interactive custom applications, changing the way you deliver assembly/repair instructions or training for your product. Instead of reading through documents, users can see, rotate, and interact with models to extract valuable information such as BOM, instructions, part numbers, costs, and more. API’s data is also useful for creating things like interactive spare parts catalogs.

The SOLIDWORKS Composer SOLIDWORKS add-in is a free utility that you can use to convert SOLIDWORKS files to the SOLIDWORKS Composer format.

Share 3D files easily

The SOLIDWORKS add-in makes it easy for SOLIDWORKS Composer users to work with SOLIDWORKS files natively. It also allows SOLIDWORKS users to share files with documentation teams.

Engineering teams can even set policies dictating exactly who can receive native SOLIDWORKS files. Since Composer files are very small, it's even easier to share 3D assets with remotely-located engineering and documentation teams.

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