Rapid Prototyping Services

Rapid Prototyping Services

Rapid Prototyping Services

Stratasys’ family of 3-Dimensional Printing Systems brings high-resolution, fine-detailed models into the hands of designers or engineers and fits in any office environment. Stratasys’ patented PolyJetTM and PolyJet matrix technology provides a complete 3D printing solution for virtually any rapid prototype application. Stratasys Studio Software guarantees that your rapid prototype is printed smoothly and accurately.

Rapid Prototyping Services with Stratasys 3D Printing

From 3D printers to 3D production systems, Stratasys machines let you quickly build working models or end-use thermoplastic parts from your desktop or factory floor. Save money and get products to market faster with accurate, do-it-yourself 3D printing.

Rapid Prototype Technology: PolyJet and FDM

Stratasys now offers the “Best of Both Technologies” with their powerful range of additive manufacturing materials, including clear, rubberlike and biocompatible photopolymers, and tough high-performance thermoplastics. This variety lets you maximize the benefits of 3D printing throughout your product-development cycle with a Rapid Prototype.

FDM Technology

Rapid PrototypeStratasys patented Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology works with production-grade thermoplastics to build tough, durable parts that are accurate, repeatable and stable over time. 3D print your concept models, prototypes, tools and end-use parts in familiar materials like ABS, PC and high-performance ULTEM 9085. Learn More >>

PolyJet Technology

Rapid PrototypePolyJet photopolymers offer an astonishing level of detail and final-product realism that surpasses all other 3D printing technologies. With chameleon-like ability to simulate clear, flexible and rigid materials and engineering plastics — and even combine multiple material properties into one model — your prototypes could easily be mistaken for final products. Learn More >>

Rapid Prototyping Services – Examples

Stratasys 3d printer     Objet30Pro    Objet30 Pro

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