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Our mission is simple: we want to help our customers, large or small, achieve their business goals using best-fit Product Lifecycle Management Solutions. We match powerful PLM solutions with managed implementation projects, enabling our customers to earn rapid return on investment, while transforming their engineering processes.

Any implementation process begins with discovery.

We will spend time with your team to understand your objectives and build a plan to meet your needs. When we agree to the plan, it will have clear time-lines and costs, so you feel as comfortable as possible with your plan and our team.

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For companies getting started with ENOVIA PLM, Computer Aided Technology will listen to your needs and build a tailored PLM implementation plan that can meet your short term and long term goals. Whether you are a small business without PLM resources or you have a clear PLM corporate strategy, we will help you execute a plan that is phased and, above all, practical.

CATI has developed a repeatable implementation process with clear milestones and deliverables. Each task is communicated to your team using an online project management portal so our teams are all working from a single view of the project at all times.

ENOVIA Workshops

ENOVIA PLM Workshop is a comprehensive review of PLM functionality combined with detailed requirements gathering. Our objective is to listen and learn, but at the same time, present PLM capabilities. Each workshop is centered on specific business practices, such as project management, CAD management, Bill of Material management, Engineering Change Control, and Quality Management.

Phased Deployment

Implementing PLM can seem like an overwhelming challenge. CATI will facilitate the discussions and provide advice so you can make the best decisions regarding your ENOVIA configuration and rollout. Our phased approach will break the project down into manageable pieces giving you the least disruptive, most rapid return on your PLM investment.

User Training

The success of any PLM deployment depends on user adoption and training. CATI can develop a role-based training plan that is focused around the needs of your team and your project. To continue your employee education, CATI conducts training classes in 6 locations and virtually using online tools.

Customization Services

Molding ENOVIA to your needs with customized ENOVIA Implementations.

The development team at CATI specializes in extending the standard functionality available in the ENOVIA product suite. Whether you are looking to automate a multi-step process in ENOVIA or trigger actions from ENOVIA events, the CATI developers can provide solutions. Here are some examples of some of the custom applications built for our customers:


  • Automatically convert SOLIDWORKS files to PDF
  • Automatically convert SOLIDWORKS files to DXF
  • Design Standard Checker
  • Automate Drawing Format replacement
  • Automate Drawing view updates
  • Scan a directory for files with broken references
  • Scan a directory for files with custom property issues
  • Automatically update SOLIDWORKS properties from database or MS Excel source


  • Automate web form updates
  • Automatically export ENOVIA BOM information to external databases (ERP)
  • Automatically update ENOVIA attribute values
  • Advanced Notification tools
  • Part Number generators
  • Suite of applications to perform bulk operations like file add, check in, move, release

Migration Services

Migrate Data from your Existing Sources into the ENOVIA PLM Environment

When deploying ENOVIA in a new environment or when expanding ENOVIA into additional departments or roles, CATI can migrate data from your existing sources into the ENOVIA PLM environment.

Starting with a comprehensive analysis, the Computer Aided Technology technical team can develop a strategy for migrating your data into your new PLM system. Whether your data exists on multiple network drives, ERP systems, or in an existing PLM system, CATI can help.

The Analysis

Complete analysis – scan the files located across directories to determine the following:

  • File type counts
  • Duplicate Counts
  • Invalid Characters in filenames
  • Broken SOLIDWORKS links
  • Incomplete Custom and Configuration Specific properties

The Migration

During the migration, CATI uses a proprietary set of tools to migrate the data and perform thousands of operations update and clean your data as it is loaded into PDM. Below are just some examples:

  • Automatically copy the files from your source
  • Reorganize your source files into new PDM structure
  • Automatically populate attributes with values from external sources (i.e. ERP)
  • Automatically fix broken SOLIDWORKS references
  • Automatically rebuild SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies, and drawings
  • Automatically check in
  • Automatically set revisions
  • Automatically set lifecycles
  • Automatically load Engineering Parts and Bills of Material

Add-On Services

Enhance your PLM Capabilities

If you are looking to grow or upgrade your existing ENOVIA implementation, CATI offers a large menu of solutions to help you get the most out of your PLM investment.

ENOVIA Upgrade Services

Computer Aided Technology can completely take the risk out of upgrading with our PLM and SOLIDWORKS upgrade solutions. One of our experts can help by providing support on the day of the upgrade or taking on all the upgrade tasks, including:

  • PLM Test Server Setup
  • PLM and SOLIDWORKS Test Client Setup
  • Admin image configuration to help automate client installations
  • Production Server upgrades
  • MS SQL Upgrades
  • What’s new training for users

If you are simply looking to add a new File Collaboration Server, move PLM components from one server to another, or implement load balancing solutions, CATI can help.

ENOVIA Expansion

ENOVIA PLM can be used in many different areas of your company. If you are looking to expand ENOVIA into other departments, Computer Aided Technology can get you there. We focus on ENOVIA for your engineering, quality, manufacturing, and purchasing departments, including ENOVIA components for EBOM management, Project Management, CAPA, NCR, Supply Chain Management, CAD management, and others.

Corporate Growth

If you recently acquired a company or looking to expand ENOVIA to another business unit, CATI can support your efforts by adding new users, groups, attributes, and other items to enable your current team to work together with the new teams.

CATI focuses on ENOVIA engineering document management, XCAD integration (i.e. SOLIDWORKS, CREO, CATIA), Program/Project Management, Quality Management, EBOM Management, Change Control, and others. Our objective will be to develop an implementation plan for each ENOVIA application, while having a clear eye on the long term PLM vision for your company.

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