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Project analysis is the engineer’s compass.

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Engineering Analysis

i.e. virtual prototyping, simulation, FEA, or CAE — keeps engineers, and indeed whole companies, on the right heading as they design increasingly complex and interconnected systems.

These feats of engineering must be accomplished under tremendous pressure — time is irreplaceable, money is limited, and competition is fierce. That is why it’s extremely valuable to have a rapid iterative cycle that converges on optimized design before any material commitments are made. It ensures that resources are directed along the right path at all times and never veer from their goal — the best possible product at the lowest possible cost.

Augment Your In-house Engineering

For those who need more heads or more computers, we’ve got both. If you’re comfortable with the way you’re doing things, we can pick up your methods and your standards as if we were another part of your team. We’ll be there when you need us, and you can keep your pipeline moving smoothly, through all the peaks and troughs.

For those who are unfamiliar with simulation or who don’t have the necessary tools for a job, there are many common analytical essentials, from structural to vibration to impact to fluids and more, which CATI is equipped and staffed to routinely perform. Our tried-and-true methods will give you reliable results so you can take informed next steps with your work.

For those who need specialized or advanced knowledge, CATI is defined by its roster of smart, experienced individuals with diverse backgrounds and degrees. We work together to find creative ways to accurately simulate complex systems, and we share that work with our clients in presentations, documentation, and face-to-face meetings and training.

CATI project analysis is a great way to augment your in-house engineering capabilities with more throughput, new simulation technology, and new areas of engineering expertise.

The Computer Aided Technology Advantage

  • What you want to know
  •  Presented in the way that you want
  •  To the people that you want addressed
  •  Via a process that works for you and your engineering and management teams.

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