Simulation-Based Engineering Consulting

Failure is not an option.
Be Certain. Simulate.

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Why Simulate?

Bringing a competitive new product to market is hard. Engineers have to create something the world has never seen before, and they have to be absolutely sure that it will work 100% of the time. That’s a scary proposition. How do you effectively manage this risk? Failure to do so will have serious consequences: production delays, lost contracts, failure in the field, expensive recalls, reputational damage, the list goes on.

We refer to simulation by many different names — CAE, FEA, CFD, numerical analysis, virtual testing or prototyping — but it all means one thing:

Better engineering decision making through computer prediction.

Simulation-Based Engineering Consulting

Advanced, Accurate Simulation Can

Take Your Designs to the Next Level

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Excellence On Demand

Not everyone has the in-house staff, specialized skills, or advanced toolsets to do all of the CAE that would most benefit their project or program. This is where CATI comes in.

Our engineers are equipped with the best software, we have decades of experience using it in all kinds of ways, and we’ve built a reputation for quality work and reliable service. We can help on short notice on a per-project basis or we can integrate with your team as a regular resource. We can operate at any level of independence you’d like, and the more we work with you, the more efficient it gets.

You can affordably leverage a high-skill CAE team right now — no staffing, hardware, or software necessary — because

CATI provides engineering excellence on demand.


Our services can come in many forms, depending on where you need help within the product development cycle, up to and including complete product design. At the core, however, is a commitment to accurate simulation that serves as a reliable base for low-risk, high-impact engineering.

Model Generation

High-precision analyses, large assemblies, and strict FE guidelines require the advanced level of modeling capability that CATI possesses.
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Project Analysis

“Does it pass the test?” CATI can assemble the model, design the simulation, and give you the answer. Compare your options, validate your ideas, hit your targets with confidence.
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Product Design & Development

CATI designers and engineers work side-by-side using the latest analysis and optimization tools to efficiently develop parts to specification.
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Correlation & Characterization

Accuracy is essential to effective simulation, so we’ve made physical-to-virtual test correlation and material characterization two of our most practiced skills.
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Methodology Development

As Abaqus experts, developing and teaching custom simulation methodologies is one of our unique specialties. We can show your FEA team how to use their tools to get whatever answers they need.
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“What’s the safety factor?” “Does the seal maintain integrity?” “Do we need to step up the materials?”

CATI enables fully-informed decision making when engineering even the most complex systems, by leveraging the latest in advanced simulation technology. Our years of consulting experience with tier-1 specialists, extensive software training, and post-grad educations make us seasoned analysts in a wide variety of areas.

Our key capabilities include:

  • Structural (stress/displacement)
  • Fatigue & durability
  • Dynamics & impact
  • Heat & thermal
  • Vibration & acoustics

  • Fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Optimization
  • Co-sim & multiphysics
  • ITAR
  • HPC


”Our industry is a whole different world.”

For fifteen years, we have been providing expert consulting to industries ranging from aerospace & defense to life sciences. The diversity of our project portfolio, both in application and industry, has resulted in a systematic approach to understanding engineering and simulation that goes back to the fundamentals and expands our thinking beyond conventional solutions, while not losing sight of what makes each industry unique in its challenges. We have spent our careers working with and learning from some of the best, and that experience plays into everything we do.