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Computer Aided Technology’s Consulting Assistance brings the phone, fax and web support expertise to the customer’s facility. There are many facets of mechanical applications that Computer Aided Technology (CATI) systems complement and enhance. CATI’s staff will provide consultation to companies and their engineers to fine-tune specific drawing techniques, 3-D construction problems, complex surface modeling, or to provide one-on-one training.

For more information on CATI's Consulting Assistance, contact CATI.

Other Consulting Services available:

CATI Strategic Partner Program - Complete referral network in which customers can search, compare and select from a wide variety of service providers certified by CATI

InFlow Technology - InFlow is dedicated to increasing productivity through the use of tools such as collaboration and product data management (PDM) technologies.

SOLIDWORKS Manufacturing Network - Take advantage of this manufacturing network to help you transform your designs into quality products more quickly, at a lower cost.

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