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Validate fluid and thermal performance in a unified, cloud-enabled product development environment to innovate better and faster than ever.

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3DEXPERIENCE FLUIDS provides users with the ability to validate fluid and thermal performance for internal/external flows and conjugate heat transfer problems. With a CAD-enabled CFD approach, quickly explore hundreds of designs while concurrently improving product performance based on optimal flow distribution, efficient thermal management, minimal pressure loss and turbulence, and more.

As a 3DEXPERIENCE solution, all team members work with a single cloud data source and on-demand cloud computing resources, meaning CAD and CAE teams can work closer together and faster than ever.

  • Realistic Fluid Simulation to Validate Your Ideas

    Industry standard RANS-based (Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes) finite volume solver for steady state and low-frequency transient flow simulations, featuring high-accuracy hex mesh and multiphysics capability.

  • Efficient, Streamlined, and Unified Workflow

    Two-way, native CAD-CAE connection and single environment for pre- and postprocessing.

  • Less Labor for More Simulation

    With model setup wizards, predefined rulesets, and automation tools, you can minimize wasted setup time and empower even simulation novices to succeed.

  • Affordable Enterprise-Level Compute in the Cloud

    Includes 16 cores of local/cloud compute access. Plus, save on hardware purchase and maintenance by using the cloud to access up to 144 cores -- and keep working while it solves.

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The 3DEXPERIENCE SIMULATION portfolio brings structural, fluid, plastics, and electromagnetic simulation onto the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Learn more about the solver capabilities and Platform integrations in this detailed brochure.

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A Focus on Usability and Collaboration

  • Faster turn-around time for each design iteration with intuitive GUI and minimal user interactions
  • Fully-automatic and robust body-fitted meshing allows users to accurately capture complex product performance with limited manual effort and domain expertise
  • Guided workflow allowing non-expert users to setup simulation scenarios in minutes
  • Native access to CAD data on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform eliminates data transfer and translation steps and expedites design iteration.

Broad, Fast, and Accurate Physics Coverage

  • Quick and accurate steady-state and long transient simulations with thoroughly-validated RANS solver
  • Analyze internal and external fluid flows with automatically selected turbulence model leveraging mesh tolerant near-wall treatment
  • Automated hex-dominant meshing (HDM) enables users to accurately capture flow over complex geometric surfaces
  • Native conjugate heat transfer solver including radiation, with automatic interface detection
  • Capture multidisciplinary requirements including fluid-structure interaction (FSI) and 3D CFD-1D model coupling

Efficient Computing and Design Exploration

  • 3DEXPERIENCE FLUIDS includes 16 cores of local/cloud compute access
  • Credit-hour- and token-based access to up to 144 cores of cloud HPC
  • Patented error estimator technology predicts convergence errors, reducing wasted iteration time
  • Explore hundreds of alternatives within a single environment leveraging design automation with comprehensive result analytics
  • Create, deploy and re-use custom simulation processes (DOE loops, trade-off studies, etc.)

3DEXPERIENCE Learning and Support

training course in progress at CATI

3DEXPERIENCE Learning Resources

3DEXPERIENCE is powerful and transformative software, so learning to make the most of it isn’t trivial. Thankfully, Dassault Systèmes and CATI provide plenty of resources on the path to proficiency:

  • Official and custom-tailored classroom training
  • Online training courses on the Learning Space
  • CATI’s quick-response technical support
  • Extensive official documentation
  • Dassault Systèmes Knowledge Base of supplemental materials, technical articles, and support tickets
  • CATI simulation mentorship programs
  • CATI consultative methodology development


Computer Aided Technology (CATI) has been implementing solutions on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform since 2012. No one has more experience when it comes to 3DEXPERIENCE Platform solutions, especially when it comes to implementing the platform with SOLIDWORKS or CATIA.

Critically, our simulation team consists of career power users of CFD software, including Abaqus/CFD, XFlow, and now 3DEXPERIENCE Simulation. Watch this video to learn more about why companies choose to partner with CATI for 3DEXPERIENCE solutions.

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