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CAMWorks Mill-Turn

A solution for both milling and turning on the same machine tool, allowing for increased productivity and flexibility.

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CAMWorks Mill-Turn multi-function machining includes milling and turning capabilities for multi-tasking machine centers. The same Mill and Turn features identified by Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) and defined using Interactive Feature Recognition (IFR) are supported in Mill-Turn. IFR can be used to define 3 Axis features for Y-axis milling and wrapped features for cylindrical features machined by C-axis motion.

The operations that are generated for features are the same as the operations in CAMWorks 2.5 Axis Milling, 3 Axis Milling and Turning. These include automatic roughing, finishing, thread milling and single point (drilling, boring, reaming, tapping) cycles and all 3 Axis cycles.

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  • Reduce Programming Time by 80% or more

  • Automate the CNC Programming Proces

  • Standardize to Improve Quality

  • Dramatically Reduce Setup Time

PrimeTurning™ from Sandvik Coromant

  • PrimeTurning™ is available in CAMWorks
  • Reduce cycle time for turning by 50% or more
  • Increase insert tool-life by 500% or more
  • Full Library of PrimeTurning™ tools and inserts are included in the TechDB

Probing for Mill-Turn Machines

  • Define probing tools with new parameters for probe shank and stylus
  • Automatic selection of standard probing cycle based on face/feature selection
  • Dynamic display of probing toolpath to avoid collisions and broken probes
  • Probe stock and set work offsets automatically
  • Support for standard probing cycles

Mill-Turn in SOLIDWORKS Assemblies

  • Full Mill-Turn Support in SOLIDWORKS assembly mode
  • Include custom chucks, fixtures, and other machine components for simulation and collision checking
  • Synchronize simultaneous milling and turning operations with multiple turrets and spindles
  • Simultaneously machine both sides of a part or unique parts in the main and sub-spindles

Continuous B Axis Turning

  • Reach undercuts using a single finishing tool
  • Multiple cutting strategies for flexibility
  • User definable limits for the B Axis tilting angle
  • Specify effective lead angle or tool normal angle
  • Holder clearance setting to avoid collisions

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