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CAMWorks Milling Professional

CAMWorks Milling Professional combines feature & knowledge based machining, the ability to read MBD and PMI data, including surface finish symbols, and a full suite of advanced 3 axis roughing finishing routines into a single easy to use system.

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CAMWorks Milling Professional provides the most advanced 3 axis CNC programming solution available for SOLIDWORKS.  Thanks to it’s seamless integration with SOLIDWORKS, the design and manufacturing model become one in the same. All of the CAM data is stored directly inside the SOLIDWORKS part and assembly files and the CAMWorks toolpaths update automatically to design changes

The seamless integration and automation are just two of the reasons SOLIDWORKS selected CAMWorks to power the new SOLIDWORKS CAM included in every new seat of SOLIDWORKS and all of the SOLIDWORKS CAM data is fully compatible with CAMWorks.

Parts that took hours to program can now be programmed in minutes using the innovative technology found only in CAMWorks. CAMWorks Standard is the ideal solution for your CNC programming needs including SOLIDWORKS 2 axis turning with full sub-spindle support, 2.5 axis & rotary milling and 3 + 2 assembly milling including full support for 4 axis tombstone fixtures.

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  • Advanced 3 axis rough milling capabilities including rest machining, 2.5 axis VoluMill, and 3 axis adaptive milling for high speed machining

  • Additional milling capabilities including scallop machining, rotary, and undercut milling and more

  • Tolerance Based Machining (reads MBD/PMI data)

  • Advanced 3 axis finish milling cycles including Z-level (waterline) machining, Flat Area, Pattern Project, Constant Step-over, Pencil Milling, and Curve Project for engraving on 3D surfaces

  • Turning and Mill-Turn included

  • Automatically reads all SOLIDWORKS CAM data

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