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A design and CPQ automation solution for creating "same but different" products. Automate CAD design, manufacturing data, and the creation of sales documents at the touch of a button.

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The DriveWorks tool allows users to enhance their customer experience through configure, price, & quote automation for manufacturing.  With DriveWorks, speed up inquiry response time and eliminate costly, error-prone busywork across your organization.

The web-based 3D product configurator automatically generates data and documents for semi-custom product orders. Free your engineers to work on new innovations and eliminate a potential organizational bottleneck. Rules- and logic-based automation of SOLIDWORKS part, assembly, and drawing creation saves time and reduces mistakes.

  • Design Automation for SOLIDWORKS
  • CPQ & Automation for Manufacturing
  • SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Product
  • FREE access to DriveWorksXpress for SOLIDWORKS users

Which DriveWorks package is right for you?



DriveWorksXpress is a free product that provides entry-level design automation in SOLIDWORKS, ideal for everyday repetitive design tasks. Easily create multiple variations of SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies, and drawings without complex macros, design tables, or configurations.


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DriveWorks Solo


DriveWorks Solo is a design automation software that allows you to quickly and easily create and configure custom products inside SOLIDWORKS. Generate 3D designs, detailed manufacturing drawings, and quotes for each new order-specific design without taking too much of your engineers' time.

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DriveWorks Pro


With DriveWorks Pro you can create a custom configurator that ANYONE can use. Use DriveWorks locally or on the web to configure custom designs and produce the associated manufacturing and sales documents automatically and error-free. The modularity of DriveWorks Pro makes it easy to build a solution that suits you and your company needs.

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DriveWorks Feature Matrix Xpress Solo Pro
SOLIDWORKS CAD automation Xpress Solo Pro

Drive dimensions, features, and custom properties. Generate models and drawings for each part and assembly.

Enhanced SOLIDWORKS CAD automation Solo Pro

Drive colors, materials, textures, component replacement, instances, and advanced feature properties such as hole wizards, sheet metal, and weldments. Additional control over drawings and annotations.

Additional advanced automation Pro

Create new features on the fly (configurations, insert components, mates, etc.) and use SOLIDWORKS model and drawing macros.

Realtime model preview Solo Pro

View your model as you update specifications.

Large-scale output generation Pro

Manual and automatic output generation, generation queue, load balancing and priority processing, output tagging.

Sales and manufacturing document creation Solo Pro

Create sales quotes, purchase orders, bills of materials with built-in document templates.

Fully-customizable and expanded document creation Pro

Create Word, Excel, XML, PDF, TXT and other files in your own configurations. Send HTML emails with attachments.

Automatic form designer Xpress
Expert form designer Solo Pro

Resolution and control guides, control grouping, control property grid, etc.

Basic form controls Xpress

Style your forms with text boxes, drop-downs, spin buttons, and check boxes.

Enhanced and dynamic form controls Solo Pro

Include hyperlinks, labels, list boxes, option groups, picture boxes, and sliders. Dynamically alter lists, property visibility, and fonts and colors.

Advanced form controls Pro

Include 3D preview, child specification lists, data tables, date pickers, frame controls, macro buttons, upload controls, etc.

Static data-based rules Solo Pro

Use internal table data and Excel data to calculate rules.

Dynamic data-based rules Pro

Use dynamic data form ODBC data sources (SAP, Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, etc.). Pull and push data dynamically to and from SQL Server databases. Create group-level tabular data, calculation tables, and rollup data tables.

Web service integration Pro

Communicate with any web service or use DriveWorks as a web service

Over 250 engineering, mathematic and scientific functions Solo Pro
Over 50 vector (3D), database and PDM functions Pro
Rules builder with function wizard and rule insight Solo Pro

Rule breakdown and drill down, function assistance, syntax highlighting and function helper text.

Rules diagnostics Solo Pro

Rules commentary, revisioning, testing, analysis, and breakdown.

Enhanced diagnostics Pro

What-if scenarios, interactive step-through of model generation, rule-specific error debugging, performance solving and insight features.

Extreme scalability Pro

SQL Server database, user and team security, Active Directory compatibility, granular permissions, zero-conversion web access, fully-customizable workflow, ready-to-run built-in apps, automatic processing of external data, fully-documented API with SDK, and plugins.

Extreme integration Pro

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional; Salesforce; and third-party systems through file import/export, SQL/ODBC connections, web services, and API.

Online configurator and DriveWorks 3D Pro

Configurable 3D in-browser, run as a service through IIS. Fully responsive skins, web API integration, virtual reality support, server-side rendering of web-optimized DriveWorks 3D files.

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Hear from your peer how Industrial Magnetics is using DriveWorks Design Automation

Industrial Magnetics Customer Story

Already using SOLIDWORKS design software, Industrial Magnetics wanted an integrated approach to improve operations, reduce the cost of custom designs and orders, enhance product quality and provide fast responses to customer requests. During this 45-minute recorded webcast featuring Industrial Magnetics Engineer, David Dewey, you will learn how DriveWorks became the company’s “Automation Operating System” and how the solution:

  • Ties together SOLIDWORKS and various business systems and processes
  • Is used for tasks ranging from the creation of 3D models and detailed drawings to the generation of quotes and Bills of Materials for manufacturing
  • Saves time and money
  • Assists in driving sales and revenue
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What is DriveWorks?

I use SOLIDWORKS. How is SOLIDWORKS involved?

SOLIDWORKS is an essential part of our industry and we understand that our clients use this program every day. The DriveWorks suite of products are SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Product and DriveWorksXpress is already included in every license of SOLIDWORKS.

Our products are customizable, but how do we know if DriveWorks will have everything we need?

DriveWorks is a solution for customizable or as we like to call them “same but different” products. You can automate your repetitive design, engineering and sales tasks. Also, all DriveWorks products are modular and scalable, so you can implement DriveWorks and grow your projects at your own pace, adding additional capabilities as and when you need them.

Does this solution only work for the design of the CAD file?

No, in fact DriveWorks can generate the outputs and documentation you need to manufacture and sell variations of your products automatically. It even supports 3D models, 2D drawings, eDrawings, as well as Word, PDF and Excel documents for quotations, bills of materials, cutting lists and much more.

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The ability to support our customers is the cornerstone of our business. With 90+ engineers on staff available 12 hours per day, 5 days per week, our award-winning technical team can assist you with your DriveWorks challenges in a timely manner.

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CATI Is Your DriveWorks Success Plan

As one of DriveWorks’ top partners, no one is more qualified to build and support your product development process.  We believe everyone should have access to our curated portfolio of transformative engineering and manufacturing technologies.

By listening to and working with you, we will find the right solution for you at the right time, with an implementation and growth plan to support your business ambitions.

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