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FEMFAT (Finite Element Method Fatigue) is the globally-leading software for finite element-based fatigue life prediction.

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FEMFAT allows critical points in terms of fatigue to be recognized quickly and assists the optimization process at a very early stage of development – long before time- and cost-intensive testing is carried out. This leads to more robust prototypes and thus to a reduction in the number of development cycles and expensive hardware tests.

FEMFAT is a universally applicable software program for the fatigue analysis of statically and/or dynamically loaded components and complete systems. Based on stresses from finite element analysis, FEMFAT delivers analysis results such as fatigue life or damage as well as safety factors. This enables the identification of lightweight design potentials as well as potential weak spots already at an early product development phase.

The methods used are a combination of classical nominal-stress or stress-strain concepts and calculation standards such as TGL and FKM as well as methods that have been developed at Engineering Center Steyr GmbH & Co KG (“ECS”). These include the support effect concept by means of relative stress gradients and mean stress influence in combination with the critical cutting plane method as well as new methods for the determination of equivalent stresses.

Moreover, there is the fact that FEMFAT has proven itself at ECS for many years in our everyday work of engineering services. This means that the wealth of experience gained from more that 1,000 successful projects dealing with fatigue is incorporated in FEMFAT – an advantage of inestimable value.

  • Reliable fatigue software for determining damage, fatigue life, and safety factors

  • Employed successfully for decades at ECS and validated through test results

  • Technologically advanced software and groundbreaking concepts

  • Analysis options for metallic and non-metallic components

  • Simultaneous analysis of base material and weld and/or spot joints

  • Material database with more than 400 data sets as well as a material generator for the creation of new material cards

  • Numerous interfaces ensure easy integration into your CAE process

  • A modular design allows a tailored solution for your particular set of challenges

  • Flexible licensing options optimized for several usage patterns

  • Support and training from the CATI team of FEMFAT experts

  • Comprehensive documentation, “Getting Started” videos, etc.

Want to know more about FEMFAT?

FEMFAT Overview

FEMFAT (Finite Element Method Fatigue) is the globally leading software for finite element based fatigue life prediction. It increases the reliability and robustness of components in the automotive industry as well as in machinery and plant construction.

This simple datasheet details FEMFAT, its methods, its compatibilities, and its benefits to the user.

Download Datasheet

FEMFAT Modules

FEMFAT basics

If the loading is determined by two dominant loading situations (e.g. upper & lower load case) and one constant load, then FEMFAT basic is the ideal tool for fatigue analysis. The ability to take a great number of possible influence factors into account makes it easier to obtain a realistic fatigue life prediction. Welds and spot weld connections can be analyzed in the same computational run as the base material.

FEMFAT plast

This module is for calculating elasto-plastic stresses based on a linear elastic FE analysis. It makes use of the Neuber correction to estimate the local elasto-plastic stresses in notches on the basis of linear-elastic stresses. With local plastification, no FE analysis with non-linear material behavior is necessary; the elasto-plastic stresses can also be determined with FEMFAT plast by approximation.


Obtaining a fatigue life prediction for multiaxial loading is a great challenge. This is because the superposition of several loads can cause failure-critical total damage amounts to be reached even at locations which are completely inconspicuous under single loads. This module uses special solutions based on scientific publications, recent in-house developments, and research studies conducted with leading international institutes.

Download FEMFAT max Datasheet


For the modern development of welded structures, a precise fatigue life prediction of these joints has become indispensable. In the determination of the fatigue life or safety factors of welded structures, you can count on the flexibility provided by FEMFAT weld: the methods implemented enable simultaneous analysis of shell and solid models.

Download FEMFAT weld Datasheet


Countless spot welds and punch rivets are required in order to ensure the structural strength of a vehicle or a vehicle cab. Because this invariably concerns potential crack initiation sites, particularly reliable methods for fatigue analysis are required. FEMFAT spot offers precisely those methods that are required for correct stiffness and fatigue life simulation of spot-joined components, with stress- and force-based approaches.

Download FEMFAT spot Datasheet


Thermo mechanical fatigue (TMF) analysis, i.e. fatigue life predictions for components subject to a combination of thermal and mechanical loading, is one of the most challenging tasks in the area of fatigue analysis. With FEMFAT heat, you will be ideally equipped to deal with this challenge. It uses the time-dependent distributions of temperatures determined in FE analyses as well as elasto-plastic stresses and strains for fatigue life analysis.

Download FEMFAT heat Datasheet

FEMFAT spectral

Excitation mechanisms with a high level of randomness (e.g. shaker excitation on test benches or road excitation) lead to an increase in calculation effort due to the long time series that become necessary. FEMFAT spectral offers an ideal solution for this. The multiaxial damage analysis is carried out directly in the frequency domain (“random response fatigue”), which dramatically reduces the duration of the fatigue calculation.

Download FEMFAT spectral Datasheet

FEMFAT break

This module allows the calculation of static safety factors. It analyzes the maximum elongation for monotonous loading on the basis of linear stresses. The influencing factors which can be taken into account include stress gradients, material ductility, technological parameter influence, temperature, local material properties, and surface residual stresses.

FEMFAT strain

This module is the connecting link between tests on the test bench and virtual structural analysis. It makes it possible to calculate safety factors or damage based on measured strain histories, and to compare measured and simulated strains.

FEMFAT laminate

Laminate is a module for the analysis of continuous fiber-reinforced plastics, analyzing the top and bottom of each layer in a composite. It uses the “Critical Component in Critical Plane” method, which has been adapted for laminates and considers both fiber breakage and intermediate fiber breakage. Moreover, delamination can also be considered when solid models are used (typically 8-node hexahedrons).

FEMFAT visualizer

The Visualizer is a fast, interface-independent 3D postprocessor for the display of FEMFAT results and FE stresses. Moreover, the VISUALIZER also stands out with its functionality in the area of weld definition for shell models.

Download FEMFAT visualizer Datasheet

FEMFAT parallel

There is also an option for automatically dividing the analysis into several parallel processes and running them on the current computer. Parallelization is performed by splitting the analysis group into a given number of equally sized sub-groups and starting the respective number of FEMFAT instances each with a sub-group. The sub-results (*.fps files) are subsequently merged to form an overall results file.

FEMFAT Learning and Support

training course in progress at CATI

FEMFAT Learning Resources

FEMFAT is powerful software, so learning to make the most of it isn’t trivial. Thankfully, Magna ECS and CATI provide plenty of resources on the path to proficiency:

  • Official and custom-tailored classroom training
  • CATI’s quick-response technical support
  • Extensive official FEMFAT documentation
  • Official “getting started” videos
  • CATI FEMFAT mentorship programs
  • CATI consultative methodology development

North America’s #1 FEMFAT Support Team

CATI’s FEMFAT support team is our simulation consulting team.  That means we’re career power users of the software ourselves.  For you, that means an unrivaled CAE software experience.

Our CAE industry experience provides valuable guidance in licensing, hardware, tech support, and training.  We will help you develop a cutting-edge CAE strategy tailored to achieve your goals.

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