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Create sophisticated part and assembly designs quickly and efficiently using powerful, easy-to-use CAD tools.

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For over 25 years, the world has relied on SOLIDWORKS for 3D design and engineering. SOLIDWORKS is a powerful solution for the rapid creation of parts, assemblies, and 2D drawings with minimal training.

With an ever-growing feature set driven by user feedback and a comprehensive ecosystem of companion tools for simulation, manufacturing, communication, and more, is it any surprise SOLIDWORKS is the most widely adopted mainstream 3D CAD software?

  • Create parts, assemblies, and 2D drawings with intuitive tools.
  • Use specialized tools for sheet metal, routing, surfacing, and more.
  • Design with cost, manufacturability, and functional assembly in mind.
  • Ensure successful designs with simulation.
  • Build toolpaths with integrated CAM.
  • Conveniently reuse existing CAD and common parts.
  • Create photorealistic renderings for early feedback and marketing.
  • Reverse engineer from scan to solid geometry.

Which SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD package is right for you?



A powerful 3D design solution for rapid creation of parts, assemblies, and 2D drawings with minimal training. Application-specific tools for sheet metal, weldments, surfacing, mold tool and die make it easy to realize your design intent.


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SOLIDWORKS Professional


For maximum productivity, includes everything in SOLIDWORKS Standard, plus data management, photorealistic rendering, and a sophisticated components and parts library. Efficiency and innovation increase with the solution that is used by millions of designers.


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A no-compromise solution for the engineer who wants it all. Combines SOLIDWORKS Professional's capabilities with powerful simulation and design validation tools, as well as advanced wire and pipe routing functionality. You will get designs right the first time with the SOLIDWORKS flagship offering.


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3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS is desktop SOLIDWORKS for businesses that move fast. Its cloud connection lets you work from anywhere, collaborate efficiently, and scale quickly.

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SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Features Standard Professional Premium
SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Standard Professional Premium

Create sophisticated part and assembly designs quickly and efficiently. Powerful, easy-to-use design capabilities combined with a range of tools for drawing creation, design analysis, cost estimation, rendering, animation, and file management create an intuitive system for developing innovative products that make you more productive, lowers costs, and accelerates your time-to-market.

Part and Assembly Modeling Standard Professional Premium

Handle all aspects of your part and assembly modeling for transforming ideas and concepts into virtual 3D models. For conceptual design, create 3D designs quickly using imported images, simple sketches, or scanned 3D data, and then add more details as the design evolves. Assembly structure planning lets you quickly lay out your design assembly structure and then export to SOLIDWORKS for automatically creating CAD files. Direct model editing lets you manipulate and modify 3D geometry working directly on 3D CAD models.

2D Drawings Standard Professional Premium

Create production-ready 2D drawings that are always current and clearly communicate how your design should be manufactured and assembled. SOLIDWORKS associativity links a 2D drawing directly with a 3D solid model so updates to the 3D model can be automatically reflected in the 2D drawing. Accelerate your design process, saving time and development costs while increasing productivity.

Design and Reuse Automation Standard Professional Premium

Leverage existing engineering data to create new designs and speed up new product development. A range of tools helps you reuse existing 3D CAD models and 2D drawings, which accelerates your design process, saves time and development costs, and increases productivity. Search, automation, and configuration tools simplify the reuse of existing design data to create new designs.

Collaborate and Share CAD Data Standard Professional Premium

Product collaboration tools help members of your design team work closely with other project stakeholders. You can also protect proprietary design data before sharing it beyond your organization and to manage project data, and control design revisions. Tools include 3D Interconnect, eDrawings®, Product Data Management (PDM) file management, and many others to ensure data security and integrity.

Interference Check Standard Professional Premium

Before going into production, verify that your parts and assemblies will fit, assemble, and operate correctly with Interference Check. Fully integrated with CAD, you can use Interference Check in 2D and 3D while you design to accelerate your product development process, and analyze tolerances to assess manufacturability.

First-Pass Analysis Tools Standard Professional Premium

SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress is a first-pass analysis tool that lets you perform basic stress analysis on individual parts. You can quickly determine effects of force and pressure and generate reports to document results.

CAM Programming (SOLIDWORKS CAM) Standard Professional Premium

SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard powered by CAMWorks® is an integrated 2.5-axis milling and 2-axis lathe programming solution. By utilizing the emerging technologies of Model-Based Definition (MBD) and Knowledge-Based Machining (KBM), SOLIDWORKS CAM can rapidly transform your Design-to-Manufacturing process by improving communication, reducing errors, reducing cycle times, and increasing your product quality.

SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard included with active subscription of SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional or Premium.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Standard Professional Premium

To ensure your product can be manufactured, it is important to review your design early in the development process. It is much easier and less costly to correct issues found during the design stage than correcting them during manufacturing planning or after your design is in production.

Productivity Tools Standard Professional Premium

Access a variety of tools designed to make you more productive, including capabilities for design analysis, comparison, checking, and reporting.

Advanced CAD File Import/Export and Interconnect Standard Professional Premium

More than 30 translators to convert incoming CAD data into SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD format or to export  data to other CAD products. 3D Interconnect opens most major CAD formats directly with no need to convert or save the data as a native file type.

CAD Libraries (SOLIDWORKS Toolbox) Professional Premium

Access, locate, download, save, and share prebuilt 3D CAD models and commonly reused CAD data.

Design for Cost (SOLIDWORKS Costing) Professional Premium

Automatic cost estimation tools are fully integrated with 3D CAD, enabling you to continuously check your designs against cost targets. Easily monitor manufacturing costs as you design, thereby avoiding costly redesigns and production delays. Manufacturers can also use cost estimation tools to automate quoting processes.

ECAD/MCAD Collaboration (CircuitWorks) Professional Premium

Share data between electrical CAD (ECAD) and mechanical CAD (MCAD) designers using CircuitWorks™. CircuitWorks enables you to share, compare, update, and track electrical design data so users can quickly resolve electrical- mechanical integration and collaboration problems.

CAD Standards Checking (Design Checker) Professional Premium

Establish design standards and check drawings (or models) to create uniform designs and documentation. Establish design standards, and then check drawings (or models) against them as you design to ensure consistent and complete drawing outputs.

Collaboration with eDrawings Professional Professional Premium

Use eDrawings® software to increase collaboration, accelerate your design process, and increase productivity by viewing 3D models and 2D drawings in an email-ready format. eDrawings Professional allows users to quickly and accurately view, measure, and mark-up designs which improves communication between designers, manufacturers, and customers.

Automated Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis (TolAnalyst) Professional Premium

The TolAnalyst tolerance analysis tool automatically checks the effects of tolerances on parts and assemblies to ensure consistent fit of components and to verify tolerancing schemes before a product goes into production. The tolerance analysis can be rerun if a dimensioning or tolerancing change is made, enabling you to get to an optimized tolerancing scheme.

Advanced Photorealistic Rendering (SOLIDWORKS Visualize) Professional Premium

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard lets you create compelling visual content of your 3D designs with ease and flexibility. By utilizing photo-quality content early in the design process, useful early feedback can be received so you can make more informed design decisions.

SOLIDWORKS File Management Professional Premium

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard provides CAD file management that enables individual users and small workgroups to manage project data, control design revisions, and control access to files.

Reverse Engineering (ScanTo3D) Professional Premium

With reverse engineering, you can recreate designs based on ones that already exist, accelerating product development, reducing risk, saving time, and increasing productivity. Use the ScanTo3D capability to import, edit, evaluate, and create solid geometry from scanned point cloud and mesh data.

Time-based Motion Analysis Premium

Evaluate how your product will perform and move throughout its operational cycle with motion analysis. Visualize your product moving as it would in the real world, measure the forces and loads on your design, and use the data to correctly size motors and create the best mechanism for ensuring product performance, quality, and safety.

Linear Static Analysis for Parts and Assemblies Premium

Linear stress analysis can be a regular part of your design process, reducing the need for costly prototypes, eliminating rework and delays, and saving time and development costs. Linear stress analysis calculates the stresses and deformations of geometry. Use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) methods to discretize design components into solid, shell, or beam elements and use linear stress analysis to determine the response of parts and assemblies.

Pipe and Tube Routing Premium

Simplify the design and documentation of piping and tubing for a wide range of systems and applications, including machinery, skid systems, and process plant piping.

Electrical Cable and Wiring Harness Routing Premium

Routing creates a special type of subassembly that builds a path of pipes, tubes, or electrical cables between components.

Advanced Surface Flattening Premium

Many products are manufactured by forming a flat material, such as sheet metal stock, into complex shapes. Advanced surface flattening functionality provides control and flexibility for flattening these complex surfaces.

Rectangular and Other Selection Routing Premium

Routing can be used to route rectangular and round sections that include ducting, cable trays, conveyors, material handling chutes, and other systems.

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In many industries 3D CAD software has become the de facto product design tool, but how do you determine which CAD solution is right for you?

Nine Criteria for Choosing a 3D CAD System

The white paper will outline the criteria you should consider, including:

  • Information flow through the supply chain—can you share CAD data with customers, suppliers and manufacturing?
  • A rich variety of applications—do the tools allow you to design, test, machine, estimate cost, inspection and beyond?
  • Tools that meet your needs today and in the future—does the system support new technologies or ways of working?
  • Technical support and training—a relationship is more than a sale; does the vendor provide training or have a robust user community?
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Do You Have a SOLIDWORKS Success Plan?


The ability to support our customers is the cornerstone of our business. With 90+ engineers on staff available 12 hours per day, 5 days per week, our award-winning technical team can assist you with your SOLIDWORKS challenges in a timely manner.

Call: 888-285-2284
Support Hours: 7AM – 7PM Central Time
Support Days: Monday – Friday


SOLIDWORKS provides powerful tools, but without the right know-how, the full potential of these tools cannot be attained.  CATI provides our customers with comprehensive SOLIDWORKS training in both beginning and advanced topics.

Instruction by our certified trainers is available throughout the year at our nationwide campuses.  We focus on small class sizes that afford you the individual attention you need to learn and thrive.


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The SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service Program gives you immediate access to a number of items that will improve your CAD experience, expertise, and return on investment:

  • Live, local tech support with CATI
  • Software upgrades and new releases
  • Free access to SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard and SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard (for SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium subscribers)
  • Free CSWA and CSWP SOLIDWORKS Certification Exams
  • Access to MySolidWorks eLearning
  • SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal for info repository, enhancement requests, and beta access

Learn more in our SOLIDWORKS Subscription datasheet.

CATI Is Your SOLIDWORKS Success Plan

As North America’s first SOLIDWORKS partner, no one is more qualified to build and support your product development process.  We believe everyone should have access to our curated portfolio of transformative engineering and manufacturing technologies.

By listening to and working with you, we will find the right solution for you at the right time, with an implementation and growth plan to support your business ambitions.

Get Started with SOLIDWORKS from CATI.

We’re ready to help figure out the right product development solution plan for you. Contact us today to get started with a quote, a free trial, a demo, or just ask questions.

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