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VXmodel is a post-treatment software that directly integrates into VXelements, Creaform’s 3D software platform and application suite, and allows the finalization of 3D scan data to use directly in any 3D printing or CAD software. VXmodel provides the simplest and fastest path from 3D scans to your computer-aided design or additive manufacturing workflow.

A great addition to the Creaform 3D scanners, VXmodel is simple but powerful, including only the features necessary to complement your CAD software. You already have all the design and modeling capabilities in your software: VXmodel simply provides the tools you need for a quick and seamless integration into your scan-based design process.

  • Mesh Editing

    VXmodel offers simple, yet powerful, tools required to prepare the 3D scan mesh for reverse engineering or 3D printing.

    Available tools: Fill holes | Heal mesh | Decimate/Refine mesh | Smooth mesh | Defeature | Smooth/extrude boundary | Scale mesh | Shell/Offset mesh | Make mesh watertight | Divide/Cut mesh | Combine meshes | And more!

  • More Functionalities

    VXmodel offers a wide range of functionalities, from applying texture to an object to validating the conformity of the reverse engineering process using deviation measurements.

    Available tools: Mesh comparison | Reapply texture | Mesh properties | And more!

  • NURBS surface

    VXmodel enables you to easily generate NURBS surfaces for characterizing freeform surfaces for later use in your CAD software. With its powerful algorithm and intuitive interface, the auto surface function generates high-quality NURBS surfaces and a well-organized patch network.

  • Alignment

    VXmodel features highly flexible tools required to align a 3D file to the coordinate systems using datum/entities suited your design requirements. VXmodel also enables users to align meshes together or a mesh on a CAD model.

    Available tools: Align to origin | Best fit | And more!

  • Geometrical entities & Cross-sections

    Use a 3D scan as a reference for a design by extracting all the useful information from the mesh. Segment the mesh into all of the primitive entities required to complete the design in a CAD software with VXmodel’s highly flexible and user-friendly interface.

    Available tools: Cross-sections | Curves | Polylines | Planes | Circles | Cylinders | And more!

  • Simplified Scan-to-CAD Workflow with VXmodel

    VXmodel fully integrates with Creaform 3D scanners, while providing only what you need and nothing more: the simplest and fastest path from your 3D scans to your CAD or additive manufacturing workflow!

Features and Benefits

With VXmodel’s intuitive interface, users who value simplicity and speed can navigate the software with ease and confidence and without any previous learning.

With advanced design and modeling capabilities already included in CAD software, VXmodel offers all the complementary tools and features for mesh optimization and seamless integration into scan-based design and reverse engineering processes.

VXmodel provides the fastest shortcut to bridge 3D scanning and CAD modeling workflows, giving you the freedom to return to your favorite CAD software in a flash.

With its powerful preparation and improvement tools, VXmodel allows you to quickly edit the mesh and align 3D scan data. Once the 3D scan has been improved and cleaned, you have access to a usable and optimized mesh ready for 3D printing or any other application.

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  • VXmodel – 3D Scanner Software
  • VXmodel – 3D Scanner Software
  • VXmodel – 3D Scanner Software
  • VXmodel – 3D Scanner Software
  • VXmodel – 3D Scanner Software
  • VXmodel – 3D Scanner Software
  • VXmodel – 3D Scanner Software
  • VXmodel – 3D Scanner Software