SOLIDWORKS Certification – Completed

Congratulations on your SOLIDWORKS Certification!

Here is your SOLIDWORKS Certification Badge. Feel free to use this SOLIDWORKS Certification Badge on your website, Email Signature, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other social media websites. You went through the training, you deserve the credit. Show your clients that your staff is SOLIDWORKS Certified with your new SOLIDWORKS Certification Badge.






Direction on adding SOLIDWORKS Certification Badge

SOLIDWORKS Certification Badge for Websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Social Media.

Copy and Paste the follow code:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” width=”300″ height=”120″ border=”0″ alt=”SOLIDWORKS Training” /></a>


SOLIDWORKS Certification Badge for your Email Signature.

Simply copy image by selecting from above the image to down below and then select Ctrl+C. Then go into your email signature and paste the image in your section of your email signature.





Need help adding your SOLIDWORKS Certification Badge, contact and we would be glad to help.