SOLIDWORKS Electrical – Capabilities




Single Line Schematic
Electrical system planning tool utilizes simple pictorial representations of electrical components and interconnectors.

Multiline Schematic
Traditional schematic creation tool with simplified user interface simplifies repetitive tasks.

Dynamic Connector Tools  
Powerful, easy-to-use connector wizard helps simplify the creation, design, and use of electrical connectors.

Electrical 3D Cabinet Layout  
Generate 3D cabinet representations from an electrical schematic showing electrical components.

Design and Reuse
Tools to simplify design and reuse of electrical system data.

Report Generation  
Automatically generate reports based on real-time design database queries.

Automated Contact Cross Referencing
Effortlessly create and maintain contact cross referencing that is automatically synchronized and updated in real time on the schematic drawing.

SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Integration
Full integration with SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM for automated publishing of schematic data.

Electrical Component and Symbol Library
Extensive library of industry-standard schematic symbols and a database of manufacturer parts.

Advanced Formula Manager  
From wire naming to project name formulas, SOLIDWORKS Electrical includes enhanced formula capabilities.

Schematic Design Analysis
SOLIDWORKS Electrical provides a broad range of real-time and report-based tools for both design and electrical performance validation.

Mixed Schematic  
Combine both single line and multiline drawing on the same schematic while maintaining associativity.