Collaborative Electrical-Mechanical Development

Collaborative Electrical-Mechanical Development

SOLIDWORKS® Electrical 3D™ technology addresses the needs of multi-user and cross discipline projects with a synchronized design environment between the electrical and mechanical teams to readily implemented schematically defined electrical systems into the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD model. Multiple electrical and mechanical engineers can work on the same project simultaneously in real time using SOLIDWORKS Electrical advanced database technology with its bidirectional, multi-user environment.


Collaborative Electrical-Mechanical Development Overview

In today’s fast paced design environment, the ability to share information both within the design team and across disciplines is essential for the development of complex products. Real-time collaboration ensures that the design, supply chain, and manufacturing requirements are synchronized, and that costly errors are eliminated early in the design process.

This unification of design has been difficult to achieve in existing tools because of a lack of collaborative capability, as well as the incompatibility between electrical and mechanical design tools. Typically, synchronization has occurred only through the use of XML or other external files that can readily become disconnected.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical enables easy collaboration between electrical and mechanical design teams with multiple design and process capabilities:

  • Single line schematic— Electrical system planning tool for creating complex embedded electrical system utilizing simple pictorial representations of electrical components and interconnectors
  • Multiline schematic— Traditional schematic creation tool with a simplified user interface optimized for simplification of repetitive tasks
  • Real-time synchronization— All project design data bidirectionally synchronized in real time between schematics and the 3D model in a multi-user collaborative environment
  • Real-time collaboration— Synchronized, bidirectional environment enables multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously in real time for easier project collaboration


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