SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic 2D design capabilities simplify development of embedded electrical systems for machines and other applications, with single-line and multi-line schematic tools for planning your electrical systems. An integrated library database provides thousands of symbols and more than 500,000 manufactured parts for use in your design, and you can speed up development by copying and reusing common circuit segments within a project or to other projects. Teams can work concurrently to reduce development time, and automated management tools streamline design of complex PLC connections. You can easily generate drawings, wire lists, “From-To” lists, and other documentation for manufacturing in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic.

Use your 2D Schematics in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D, with bi-directional linking that captures design changes in both the schematic and the 3D model in real time. Improve productivity and speed time-to-market with the range of advanced capabilities in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic. SOLIDWORKS Electrical software powers efficient planning and design of embedded electrical systems, with increased collaboration between mechanical and electrical design teams.


SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Technical Features

  • 2D, database driven, electrical system‐level schematic design tool
  • Simplifies the overall electrical systems‐level design process relative to using basic 2D CAD
  • Ease of use with convenient numbers of toolbars: requires fewer tool bars and menu clicks to get the job done compared to competition
  • Multi‐user SQL database under the product: multiple people can work on the same project at the same time
  • Import AutoCAD Electrical symbols directly into SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic
  • Single line schematic planning tools directly linked to detailed multi‐line versions
  • Large Library of electrical parts data from manufacturers: > 500k and growing
  • Symbol creation wizard: make it easy to prepare 2D schematic symbols
  • Real‐time, bi‐directional updates between 2D schematic and 3D model as the design is changed so everything is kept in synch
  • Powerful tools for wiring PLCs and terminal strips that cut the time required to add advanced automation components into your design

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