SOLIDWORKS FeatureWorks – Leverage the Value of Legacy Data

FeatureWorks captures all imported data and recognizes features from files produced by standard translators such as STEP, IGES®, SAT (ACIS®), VDA-FS, and Parasolid® files. Ideal for geometrically regular parts.

FeatureWorks recognizes all these features:

  • Extrusion features such as bosses and cuts of the following sketch entities: lines, circles, and circular arcs
  • Revolved features that are conical or cylindrical
  • Any standard hole types, such as simple, tapered, and counter-bored
  • Sheet metal features including miter flange, edge flange, sketch and bend, and base features
  • Random sketch patterns of features on a plane
  • Shell features such as uniform wall and shell inward only
  • Ribs and draft features
  • Constant and variable-radius fillets
  • Applied features such as chamfers and fillets
  • Multibody part construction

Feature Recognition Methods

  • FeatureWorks provides both automatic and interactive feature recognition capabilities.
  • Automatic feature recognition requires no user intervention.
  • The interactive method provides a dialog that lets you control or specify the design intent easily by selecting and clicking on a face or the edges of a cut or boss.
  • The model checker indicates any changes to underlying imported geometry before and after feature recognition.
  • You can perform automatic recognition before or after interactive recognition.
  • All feature recognition steps can be automated using the SolidWorks API (Application Programming Interface).

Easy setup, easy use, fully integrated with SolidWorks software. You can access all the controls for FeatureWorks from the SolidWorks menu bar. The FeatureManager® design tree in SOLIDWORKS software automatically keeps track of features recognized by FeatureWorks, so the entire design process stays consistent and intuitive. SOLIDWORKS FeatureWorks