SOLIDWORKS 2011 includes many enhancements and improvements, most in direct response to customer requests. This release focuses on the following themes:

Automated functionality that you use most often

  • Improvements in performance and quality that speed up software operation and create a more continuous workflow
  • New tools that greatly extend current SOLIDWORKS design capabilities and enable fundamental changes in your product development process
  • Extensive support for collaboration and connectivity that allows your design teams to work on joint projects across the globe

SOLIDWORKS 2011 – New Features

SOLIDWORKS 2011PhotoView 360 and Walk-through
PhotoView 360 is now fully integrated in SOLIDWORKS 2011 making photorealistic image and animation creation simple for everyone, even the casual user. Walk-through enables a video game-like exploration of products, including structures and large machinery.
Customer Benefits
Provide detailed, lifelike images and walk-through overviews for demonstrating designs to customers, partners, vendors, and coworkers.
SOLIDWORKS 2011Defeature Tool
Automatically strip important details out of models to control how much intellectual property is exposed to vendors, customers, and partners. This also reduces the file size of the model, which helps minimize the size of assemblies that incorporate the defeatured mode.
Customer Benefits
Enable manufacturers and others to share smaller, easier to- handle versions of their 3D models while protecting proprietary design data.
SOLIDWORKS 2011Fast Drawing Detailing
The Auto Arrange Dimensions tool provides quick and easy alignment, staggering, centering, and overlap prevention capabilities for dimensions. New tools in the Dimension Palette enable linear and radial spacing, collinear and staggered alignment, and top-bottom-left-right justification control of multiple dimensions.
Customer Benefits
Reduce time-consuming tasks in the product detailing portion of the overall development process.
SOLIDWORKS 2011Planar Simplification and Enhanced Beam Analysis
Achieve faster analysis of parts with uniform sections through the use of planar simplification to represent the parts’ geometry, rather than analyzing the entire structure. Analyze beams more thoroughly by varying loads along their length to accurately simulate real-world conditions.
Customer Benefits
Reduce time-consuming tasks in the product detailing portion of the overall development process.
SOLIDWORKS 2011HVAC and Cooling Modules
New SOLIDWORKS 2011 Flow Simulation modules are tailored specifically to meet the unique challenges of electronic packaging and HVAC designers. Simulate the air and heat flows through electronic components and HVAC systems without leaving your SOLIDWORKS CAD environmen.
Customer Benefits
Optimize the thermal performance of electronic components and HVAC systems through quick, simplified analysis.
SOLIDWORKS 2011Routing Improvements
Create faster pipe, tube, electrical cable/harness, and conduit runs by referencing existing geometry. In-line components can now be moved and rotated graphically. Piping weld gaps, cosmetic weld beads, groove and fillet welds and weld summary tables that include all weld data can now be created.
Customer Benefits
Generate complete piping and electrical routes more easily, reducing errors and streamlining release to manufacturing.
SOLIDWORKS 2011Welded Structure Improvements
The Smart Weld Selection Tool simplifies adding weld beads to complete the documentation and appearance of welded structures. Fillet and Groove weld types are supported, and Weld Tables on drawings compile all welds and weld properties, then automatically assign them reference numbers for easy management.
Customer Benefits
Reduce development time for designing and costing welded structures, so they can be efficiently manufactured.
SOLIDWORKS 20113DVIA Composer™ Interactive Storyboarding
Use 3DVIA Composer’s unique drag-and-drop functionality to instantly create linked views to next and previous steps for sharing procedures. Simplifies how information is presented and consumed in 3DVIA Composer Player.
Customer Benefits
Reduce training time and communicate more effectively with employees and customers by sharing simple, interactive storyboard experience.
Integrated SOLIDWORKS 2011 Design Checker automates checking of designs to company standards, and integration of 3DVIA Composer Player enables the visualization of 3DVIA Composer data inside SOLIDWORKS 2011 Enterprise PDM. Further enhancements speed installation, improve file reference management, and streamline data entry.
Customer Benefits
Improve the product development workflow by streamlining design, documentation, and release to manufacturing.
SOLIDWORKS 2011Enhanced Memory Management
More efficient memory use improves performance, especially when working on large parts and assemblies. Performance of memory-intensive tasks, such as photorealistic rendering, are also improved.
Customer Benefits
Work longer and with larger designs, but without performance degradation.