SOLIDWORKS 2012 includes many enhancements and improvements, most in direct response to customer requests. This release focuses on the following themes:

Automated functionality that you use most often

  • Improvements in performance and quality that speed up software operation and create a more continuous workflow
  • New tools that greatly extend current SOLIDWORKS design capabilities and enable fundamental changes in your product development process
  • Extensive support for collaboration and connectivity that allows your design teams to work on joint projects across the globe

SOLIDWORKS 2012 – New Features

SOLIDWORKS 2012Costing Tool
SOLIDWORKS 2012 Costing automates manufacturing cost calculations for sheet metal and machined parts. Modify your design or switch part configurations and instantly see the new, updated manufacturing estimate. Default templates are customizable to simulate your specific manufacturing environment.
Customer Benefits
Designers can make more informed decisions based on cost throughout the design process, continually modeling different scenarios. Automate your quoting process to increase manufacturing sales opportunities.
SOLIDWORKS 2012Large Design Review
Large Design Review is the fastest way to open and interrogate a large assembly. Capabilities include walkthrough, sectioning, and measuring, as well as the ability to open any assembly component.
Customer Benefits
Instantly open and review massive assemblies for any purpose without the need for a high-powered computer or any special file preparation.
SOLIDWORKS 2012Magnetic Lines and Balloon
Enhancements Magnetic Lines allow you to automatically and precisely arrange balloons on a drawing. Balloons will snap to Magnetic Lines and can be moved from one Magnetic Line to another in SOLIDWORKS 2012.
Customer Benefits
Create and place balloons precisely where they need to go, while spending less time detailing and aligning your drawings.
SOLIDWORKS 2012Feature Freeze
Feature Freeze lets you control whether specific features will rebuild or not. Additional features can be added without having to rebuild earlier ones; at any point, features can be unfrozen.
Customer Benefits
Dramatically speed the design of complex models where rebuilding of specific features is not desired.
SOLIDWORKS 2012Enhanced Equation Editor
The Equation Editor has been completely revamped for easier navigation and use. Syntax highlighting is especially useful for trouble-shooting equations. Multiple views include Variable and Equation View, Dimension View, and Solve Order View.
Customer Benefits
Use the new capabilities to create equations faster and understand equation order more easily.
SOLIDWORKS 2012Command Search
Command Search allows you to quickly find commands that are either hard to access, or not on the standard toolbars. Launch commands, drag and drop commands, or just highlight command locations in pull-down menus or toolbars directly from the search results.
Customer Benefits
Get up to speed faster with Command Search, and more easily customize the SOLIDWORKS user interface to streamline your workflow.
SOLIDWORKS 2012Motion Optimization
Motion Optimization automatically uses motion study results to create sensors and refine machine aspects such as motor size, bearing loads, and range of travel. Dynamically adjust any input and immediately see changes to constraints or goals.
Customer Benefits
Optimize designs in a fraction of the time by refining the mechanism configuration to suit stock motors and actuators, ensuring range limits or bearing loads are not exceeded.
SOLIDWORKS 2012SOLIDWORKS 2012 Enterprise PDM Integrated Search
Enterprise PDM Integrated Search gives you the option of searching from within your current Explorer window— no separate dialogs needed. Access favorite searches or open the full search tool for all options.
Customer Benefits
Reduce screen clutter by streamlining the number of open dialog boxes.
SOLIDWORKS 20123DVIA Composer™ Enhanced Lifelike Experience
Enhanced Lifelike Experience enables you to add part-to-part shadows, ambient occlusion, and shadows to 2D panels with precise control for a more 3D appearance. A glow effect can also be added to highlight specific areas of interest in SOLIDWORKS 2012.
Customer Benefits
Take precise control over your 3DVIA Composer renderings and add a more lifelike appearance to your visualizations.
Sustainability has a new, advanced user interface that allows you to more closely model processes, with parameters like recycled content and duration of use. You also have access to the latest Sustainability Extras materials as soon as they become available—without waiting for service packs or new releases.
Customer Benefits
More accurately model your products with new “what if” scenarios and better support for unique and custom materials, beyond the standard SOLIDWORKS 2012 material database.