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SOLIDWORKS 2016 includes 15 major new features and enhancements covering the entire range of SOLIDWORKS solutions for 3D design, simulation, technical communication, product data management, and sustainable design to maximize your productivity.

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 SOLIDWORKS 2016 – New Features

 SW_Visualize_Bring_Your_Designs_to_Life SOLIDWORKS Visualize – Bring Your Designs to Life

  • Improved functionality for media-ready images, movies and immersive content
  • Use both CPU and GPU to speed up rendering — less time to quality result
  • Included with SOLIDWORKS 2016 Professional and Premium

Customer Benefits: More realistic photo-quality rendering in less time.

 SW_Enhanced_Part_Modeling_Capabilities Enhanced Part Modeling Capabilities

  • Thread Wizard tool to create internal and external threads
  • Bi-directional sweep and curvature continuous edge fillets
  • Flatten surface includes flattening of curves
  • Sheet Metal allows cuts in the bend area of swept flange and edge flanges can now be longer than the attachment edge

Customer Benefits: Expanded modeling capabilities improve accuracy and speed design.

 SW_Streamlined_Assembly_Development Streamlined Assembly Development

  • Component preview window for mate selections
  • Mate Controller for fast capture and recall of mate positions
  • Replace multiple failed mate references in one step
  • Copy multiple components and retain mates

Customer Benefits: Reduced time to create assemblies.

 SW_Faster_2D_Drawing_Creation Faster 2D Drawing Creation

  • Automatic Border tool controls sheet format border
  • New model Break View tool
  • Turn off view scale for center marks and other detailing improvements

Customer Benefits: Simplified creation of drawings.

 SW_Drawingless_Manf_Enhanced “Drawingless” Manufacturing Enhanced

  • Create DimXpert dimensions in Assembly
  • Display and associate model coordinate systems automatically
  • Publish and print multiple sheets, tables, and viewports in 3D PDF

Customer Benefits: Faster creation of 3D dimensions and tolerances, as well as streamlined downstream manufacturing functions.

 SW_Improved_Electrical_Design_and_communication Improved Electrical Design and Communication

  • Streamlined workflow with contextual information display
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical for DraftSight® add-in with real-time redline, annotation, and reporting

Customer Benefits: Improved productivity for electrical design.

 SW_Making_Design_Easier Making Design Easier

  • New “breadcrumbs” tracking/selection of items in model hierarchy
  • Better support for high-resolution monitors and expandable Property Manager input panels
  • Sketch: dynamically manipulate dimensioned sketch entities
  • My.SolidWorks: Search function available inside SOLIDWORKS 2016

Customer Benefits: Reduced “picks and clicks” for functionality you use most often.

 SW_Simplifying_Design_Validation Simplifying Design Validation

  • Simulation: Find unconstrained degrees of freedom, turn constraints on and off, and perform mesh sectioning
  • Plastics: Enhanced Solver performance and improved indirect flow front tracking
  • Flow: Improved mesh refinement controls and transient solver speed

Customer Benefits: Faster, more intuitive design validation.



Connecting Design and Manufacturing

  • 3D Printing: 3D print preview using textures and show areas requiring supports
  • Inspection: OCR Editor to customize and improve optical character recognition dictionaries and output horizontal inspection reports
  • Costing: Cost an entire assembly, nesting for sheet metal, and rules to modify settings automatically
  • Compare Geometry: Save geometry differences directly into either model being compared

Customer Benefits: Extending SOLIDWORKS Capabilities for manufacturing.


Expanded Communication and Collaboration

  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard: New product offer based on SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM (now named SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional for 2016) designed for smaller workgroups to manage SOLIDWORKS data and provide an easy upgrade to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Set Revision: Enables streamlined management of revision levels and properties for existing and newly imported data
  • eDrawings®: AR for Android™; 3D Views and annotation views for assemblies; Component descriptions; Weld beads; Undo/Redo
  • Import/Export: Export material properties to IFC 2×3, export IFC 4.0, import PTC® Creo® 3.0, import large STL models and FeatureWorks®; supports ANSI inch hole upon import

Customer Benefits: New, better data management and collaboration tools.