SOLIDWORKS Electrical: 2D & 3D Training

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Price: $1495.00
Credits: 3
Classroom: 3 sessions, 7 hours each
Virtual: Not Currently Available

Class #: SE100

SOLIDWORKS Electrical: 2D & 3D will focus on the 2D Schematic software functionality to get you up to speed quickly to develop 2D schematics and wiring line diagrams. This course will also focus on the integration of SOLIDWORKS Electrical in 3D SOLIDWORKS. Day 3 of training is an optional day covering SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D.

During this instructor-led course, the user will learn how to:

  • Use and create new Symbols to develop and detail electrical designs.
  • Associate components with manufacturer part numbers.
  • Draw PLC and Connector symbols using the dynamic tools in the software for automatic custom symbol drawing.
  • Customize and produce documentation outputs such as Bills of Material and Wiring Connections.
  • Run Design Rule Checks.
  • Utilize macros to quickly reuse design content.
  • Draw 2D panel layouts.
  • Place components in 3D assemblies.
  • Route wires and cables to quickly determine wire lengths.

Class Details

  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical: 2D Schematic

    • Project Templates
    • Modifying Project Templates
    • Drawing Types
    • Symbols and Components
    • Manufacturers Parts
    • Wires and Equipotentials
    • Cabling
    • Symbol Creation
    • Macros
    • Cross Referencing
    • Managing Origin-Destination Arrows
    • Dynamic Programmable Logic Control
    • Automated Programmable Logic Control
    • Connectors
    • 2D Cabinet Layouts
    • Design Rule Checks
    • Reports

    SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D

The SOLIDWORKS Electrical training guide will be supplied at the beginning of class and is yours to keep.

Students will learn how to create schematics with line diagrams, cabling, and PLC controllers. Then be able to create control drawings and reports. With the information you learned from the Electrical 2D class and SOLIDWORKS Essentials, you will then create 3D presentations of your schematics using routing electrical.

  • General understanding of electrical schematics.
  • Working Knowledge of the SOLIDWORKS Application.
  • General understanding of SOLIDWORKS assembly design.

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Training Testimonials

I was overqualified for this course, but I still enjoyed it and learned a few things. I would definitely recommend this course.

Christopher Daly

The instructor was very precise and covered topics that were necessary. He also inquired what specific topics were needed based on the students' field.

Maggie Rong

Great class for novice users. Recommended to anyone who uses or wants to use SOLIDWORKS. The instructor was great, very friendly and approachable.

Nantha Krishna Sampamurthy