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SOLIDProfessorComprehensive Video Training For SOLIDWORKS

SolidProfessor’s online courses and video tutorials are designed to help you rapidly increase your CAD knowledge. Their eLearning platform allows you to start learning the basics of sketching, parts, assemblies, and drawings or if you are an experienced user you can jump right into more advanced topics like surfacing, sheet metal, and simulation. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to develop your design skills resulting in an immediate impact on your productivity.

Interactive Projects & Tutorials

Each concept based course, made up of short and concise video lessons, explain how every feature and function in SOLIDWORKS can be applied and include downloadable part files so learners can follow along and learn by doing— which has been proven to dramatically increase knowledge retention. Learners will also have access to an expansive library of hands-on interactive projects and case studies covering dozens of real-world design scenarios.

Integrated Learning Solutions

Integrated Learning Solutions SolidProfessor’s video training can be integrated into the SOLIDWORKS environment with our unique Task-Pane Add-In. Find the answers you need without ever leaving the SOLIDWORKS interface. Our Instant Search technology allows you to find the right video tutorial or project quickly so you can learn the tools to efficiently create the designs you want.

Identify Knowledge Gaps

Each SOLIDWORKS training course includes a skills assessment test allowing you to quickly identify which concepts you’ve mastered and expose the areas where you need to spend more time. Our system will even suggest specific lessons or tutorials that will help you fill knowledge gaps.

SOLIDWORKS Certification Training

SolidProfessor's renowned SOLIDWORKS CSWA, CSWP, and CSWE prep courses have helped thousands of users achieve their certification. Be ready to ace the CSWA exam in as little as 3 hours and the CSWP in just 6! The certification training courses are so effective that 8th graders are earning their CSWA and in some cases even CSWP in their first semester of exposure to SOLIDWORKS.