SOLIDWORKS Treehouse: Assembly Structure Planning

Scope out how your next designs will be structured with SOLIDWORKS Treehouse.  A great tool for managers and designers alike, the intuitive user interface allows you to plan how your assembly will be arranged before you actually start designing.  Treehouse enables you to name your components, drag in existing designs, create configurations, and add custom properties all before doing any new design work in SolidWorks.  SOLIDWORKS Treehouse is accessed from the SolidWorks Tools applications suite and can be run independent of SolidWorks.

Arrange Assemblies, Parts, and Drawings

Drag visual representations of your SOLIDWORKS templates and already created parts, assemblies, and drawing files to build a hierarchy of assemblies, parts and drawings.  Re-arrange the documents by simply dragging components to their updated position in the tree.  Fill in any custom properties defined on the document templates.

Export to SOLIDWORKS and Automatically Create Files

Once you are satisfied with your layout, you can export the hierarchy to SolidWorks documents.  Treehouse will automatically create SolidWorks documents in the location you specify.  These documents will reference each other according to the structure defined in Treehouse.  You can now start the detail work on your design.

Visualize an Existing SOLIDWORKS Assembly in SOLIDWORKS Treehouse

If you want a fast way to see the assembly tree structure of a complicated assembly, just drag the assembly into SOLIDWORKS Treehouse.  The assembly structure will automatically populate and display, thereby making it much easier to understand complex assembly structures.

MCAD’s Webinar on EPDM & Treehouse

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