SOLIDWORKS TutorialsMore than ninety percent of all design and drafting jobs in today’s market require the use of some computer aided design application.  In some cases that application is Autodesk Inventor or Solidworks, but most commonly it is SolidWorks. With a good market share, SolidWorks is probably the best application a prospective job hunter can learn. Courses in the software can cost several hundred dollars. For someone out of work, that investment can be hard to find. But the money spent my be life changing for those looking for work.

Among the many ways to obtain SOLIDWORKS training is MCAD, which is a top reseller of the program, offers user support and comprehensive instruction. There are also a variety of free SOLIDWORKS tutorials that can be accessed on the internet. It is important to take the time to ensure that individuals who will use the software are properly trained to use its features to their fullest potential.

Globally used by millions of businesses, SolidWorks is a 3D mechanical computer aided design software program. To assist engineers and designers in significantly impacting the productivity of a company, it is necessary to provide professional training. For that reason, SOLIDWORKS tutorials focus on the important concepts and skills that are crucial to successfully using the software.


Benefits to SOLIDWORKS Tutorials

-Easy to learn and simple to use, product design is made more efficient and faster enabling the company or individual to remain competitive.

-Additionally, company practices for drafting and detailing will be standardized with the correct instruction of software use.

-By learning to use all functions of the program competently, for example simulation, an accurate analysis during the product design process is possible. This feature helps to reduce errors and make modifications that may be needed in the models and drawings.

-Also, using the software correctly provides an economical way to stay on schedule. There are several SolidWorks software programs that are accessible to handle the specific requirements of the many types of mechanical drawing.

Another option: In-person training. Click here for training locations and schedules!


SOLIDWORKS Built-in Tutorials

SOLIDWORKS includes an extensive selection of tutorials on a wide range of tools. These tutorials are fully incorporated into SOLIDWORKS and are available in the SOLIDWORKS resources tab of the task manager, or under the Help menu.

The tutorials are not only great examples of how to use the tools available to you in SOLIDWORKS, they can also be used to try out some of the tools that you may not have used before such as Routing or Simulation. There is also a large section of tutorials for the newest additions to the software such as the new user interface for the Section Tool and Orientation Dialogue Box.

The tutorials are organised into easily navigated groups so that you can get straight to the relevant subject area.

Also contained within the instructions are links to open SOLIDWORKS models that can be used for the tutorial content.

The SOLIDWORKS tutorial set that is built in to SOLIDWORKS is a valuable knowledge resource for learning more about the software that you use.

SOLIDWORKS Tutorials 2013

Featured SOLIDWORKS Tutorials

 SolidWorks-TutorialsSOLIDWORKS Tutorial Learn SOLIDWORKS Intro
What is SolidWorks? How to you start SolidWorks? How do you begin to use SolidWorks? Video shows how to use the Tutorials and gvies an overview of Lesson 1.

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SOLIDWORKS TutorialsSOLIDWORKS Formula SAE Design Project
SOLIDWORKS SAE Design Project teaches students how to use SOLIDWORKS software to help design a vehicle for the Formula SAE competition. Skills and lessons use provided SAE vehicle example parts, but the techniques can also be applied to other SAE competitions.

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Rendering a Butterfly with SOLIDWORKS PhotoView 360
Video takes you through apply SOLIDWORKS materials, textures, color and using PhotoView 360 to create a scene with lighting and shadows.

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