CAT-PhD (Priority Helpdesk)

CATI offers an annual support service called Priority Help Desk (CAT-PhD). PhD support is an extended support offering that allows a customer to utilize Computer Aided Technology’s support in a much more extensive manner.  A greater level of access to support as well as exclusive discounts for services and training are both part of this offering.

Only a phone call or email away, CAT-PhD relieves your team from becoming distracted with software application issues.

In addition to the Standard Support, CAT-PhD Support subscription offers these additional value-added benefits:

  • Priority Support– Highest priority in list of open issues for CATI Customer Support Staff.
  • Discounts on Training – PhD subscribers save 10% off CATI Training Services.*
  • Live Chat based Support – Chat live with a CATI technician during support hours.
  • Environment Optimaization Analysis and Recomendations Report– A CATI technician analyzes a sample set of workstations within the customers modeling environment in order to gather information that will allow the technician to build a report stating the status of the current modeling environment, recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the modeling environment, and an executive summary highlighting the most critical aspects of the report.**
  • Rapid Prototyping Credit – Have CATI make you a Rapid Prototype part. For each seat of PhD Support, you will receive a $200 voucher toward the purchase of Rapid Prototyping Services.*

PhD Support offerings are only available to the named assigned user.

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