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SOLIDWORKS Composer for Technical Communications

SOLIDWORKS Composer is easy-to-use software that anyone associated with product development can use to quickly create 2D and 3D images and animations, allowing you to create a full range of product documentation - whether for assembly instructions, marketing collateral, technical illustrations, interactive animations, or training materials.

With its easy-to-use product approach, SOLIDWORKS Composer streamlines the creation of 2D and 3D graphical contents for product communication and technical illustrations. By leveraging existing product designs, SOLIDWORKS Composer enables deliverables to be initiated earlier and then kept up to date automatically, helping to lower costs and speed time to market. 3D interactive animations, 2D line art images (SVG, EPS, CGM), as well as high-resolution raster images (BMP, JPG, PNG, and TIF files), can be created easily earlier in the design process. By leveraging the power of 3D, manufacturers can produce technical product communications that help customers and partners understand and retain information more effectively.

SOLIDWORKS Composer - 2019 Enhancements

The Traditional Way

Traditionally, engineers spend valuable hours capturing digital pictures and screenshots of their designs for both internal departments and external agencies. This imperfect system often leads to workflow bottlenecks on the engineering side and costly delays in getting products to market.

The SOLIDWORKS Composer Way

Now, a company’s design and documentation can be produced on parallel tracks, greatly reducing a products time to market. With SOLIDWORKS Composer, companies realize substantial savings in time and rework costs by not having to recreate or redo product documentation when there are changes to the product.

For engineers, SOLIDWORKS Composer means less time focusing on ad hoc work, and more time focusing on innovation.

SOLIDWORKS Composer Player

The SOLIDWORKS Composer Player is a free utility to distribute the content you create to end-users. More than a simple viewer, the player provides your customers and partners with an interactive 3D product experience. Anyone can see your animated files, just by using the free software. Show how your product works, what you can do with it, and how to do it with interactive 3D content.

SOLIDWORKS Composer Player Professional

Available as an upgrade, the Professional version includes all of the features of the original Composer Player. In addition, Professional allows you to use custom APIs to customize the player, interrogate a model, adjust the viewing angle, and rotate/pan/zoom in real time. Request a quote below.

SOLIDWORKS Composer Sync

SOLIDWORKS Composer Sync creates a batch conversion process from 3D CAD and other 3D formats into SOLIDWORKS Composer format. Changes in product data or manufacturing information can be automatically updated to SOLIDWORKS Composer deliverables. You can save batch job settings to XML for future use.

SOLIDWORKS Composer Enterprise Sync

SOLIDWORKS Composer Enterprise Sync is the enterprise version of SOLIDWORKS Composer Sync with additional features to update information for maintaining accurate product technical communication. Changes in product or manufacturing information can also be updated for SOLIDWORKS Composer deliverables.

SOLIDWORKS Composer Check

With SOLIDWORKS Composer Check, you can identify costly design errors by examining clearances and planning production paths before the products hit the shop floor, giving you instant validation for assembly procedures after a design change.