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CATI provides powerful tools, but without the right know-how, the full potential of these tools cannot be attained. We are certified by SOLIDWORKS, Stratasys and our other partners to provide their complete catalog of course offerings. We have also developed unique classes to meet the needs of our customers. We offer introductory and advanced classes in Design, Simulation, Data Management, Design Automation, 3D Printing and more. View all of our training courses below.

SOLIDWORKS Design training courses will explore the fundamental and advanced modeling techniques available both within the 2D and 3D SOLIDWORKS environment. Your SOLIDWORKS training should start with these essential courses. These design training courses are constructed to prepare you for industry specific courses and/or a certification in SOLIDWORKS.

SOLIDWORKS Essentials covers the fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS and is the foundation on which you can build your modeling skills. It covers the base concepts and conventions on which the rest of our SOLIDWORKS classes are based. If you need to create drawings of your designs, SOLIDWORKS Drawings will show you how to make complete design documentation. Part Modeling and Assembly Modeling will complete your knowledge of solids modeling tools and techniques. If your designs require complex or organic shapes, Advanced Surfacing Modeling will introduce you to surface modeling techniques.

Simulation courses will prepare the user to efficiently create, analyze, and understand their Simulation studies, providing invaluable insight into their design. Courses will provide an in-depth coverage of Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Linear Dynamic Analysis, Non-linear Dynamic Analysis, fatigue, conceptual fluid dynamics (CFD), manufacturability of injection molded parts, heat transfer, and modal analysis to name only a few. View each simulation course to discover what each has to offer.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical training courses target developing 2D schematics, wiring line diagrams, placing schematics in the 3D environment, and PCB design and documentation. With a consistent, powerful, intuitive set of electrical design capabilities, all fully integrated with the SOLIDWORKS solution portfolio, designers can establish an integrated design early in the design process and avoid costly design rework. Our SOLIDWORKS Electrical Training courses will get you started.

Take maximum advantage of SOLIDWORKS PDM through our comprehensive range of training courses. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, an administrator, implementer or programmer, information-rich courses given by industry experts aim to make you even more valuable to your company.

With SOLIDWORKS Manufacturing training you will learn the essential skills needed to use the integrated 2.5-axis milling and 2-axis lathe programming solution with SOLIDWORKS CAM along with fundamental and advanced concepts for automating die design within the SOLIDWORKS environment using 3DQuickTools.

Realize the full potential of SOLIDWORKS Technical Communication solutions. Take a technical communications training course today!  Training is curated to provide you with the skills to create 3D product manufacturing information, automated creation of inspection documents, re-purposing of design data for high-quality graphics, illustrations, and interactive 3D content.

SOLIDWORKS Routing training courses will focus on the routing features used to create subassemblies containing electrical components and connectors, and HVAC components and connectors. Learn how to efficiently model electrical wires, cables, and connectors with Routing: Electrical, or efficiently model pipe and tubing systems and HVAC duct routes with Routing: Piping and Tubing.

SOLIDWORKS Fabrication training courses are specific courses that educate the user how to design their 3D models for popular fabrication techniques and processes. The fabrication training courses will focus on injection mold design, die cast design, sheet metal part design, and designing multi-body parts intended to be welded together.

If you manage SOLIDWORKS licenses, are a CAD administrator, installation manager in IT, or engineering manager these classes were created for you. The SOLIDWORKS Administrator course will discuss the administrative challenges commonly encountered in a SOLIDWORKS environment as well as methods of addressing those challenges. There are also several classes that focus on administrating SOLIDWORKS PDM environments. These PDM training courses will address topics that range from maintaining a SOLIDWORKS PDM infrastructure to configuring and setting up that very same infrastructure. Click on each course to view more information.

CATI and InFlow Technology are very pleased to offer ENOVIA training courses for every experience level! Ranging from basic integration all the way up to complete program management. Take maximum advantage of ENOVIA’s advanced collaborative solutions through our comprehensive range of intensive training courses. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, an administrator, implementer or programmer, information-rich courses given by industry experts aim to make you even more valuable to your company.

SOLIDWORKS API (Application Programming Interface) Training courses will introduce the user to the endpoints available for customizing the SOLIDWORKS user interface, building useful automation tools, automating tasks in PDM, and creating standalone or add-in application for SOLIDWORKS PDM.

DriveWorks training courses are available for every experience level! Get started with design automation with DriveWorks by taking the DriveWorksXpress trainingcourse.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a robust collaborative environment designed to deliver a new experience to the design process. The 3DEXPERIENCE training courses offered through CATI and InFlow Technology are designed for every level of user. View the full 3DEXPERIENCE course list at InFlow Technology.

CATI offers training on Stratasys 3D Printing Systems. Our current class offering covers Insight Software and on-site 3D printer training.

FORTUS Insight Software Training (In-House)

CATI offers 3D Scanning training courses for a variety of Creaform 3D Scanners and the Creaform Software modules. Each training course is based on the 3D scanner and software modules purchased, and can range from a single day to up to five.

3D Scanning Training

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