Training Information

Training Information

CATI offers industry-leading training courses for SOLIDWORKS, Stratasys, and other partners that include both introductory and advanced classes in Design, Simulation, Data Management, Design Automation, 3D Printing, and more.

For a detailed description of what our training programs provide, please read our Training page.

For our catalog of courses, please read our Course List page.

For other information, please refer to the pages below.

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To view upcoming classes, both in-person and online, view our class schedule.

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Our in-person training locations cover thirty-one states and Washington D.C. Each location includes state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the best training experience possible.

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Our pricing packages include individual training courses, a year-long, all-access pass, and credits which can be purchased in bulk.

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CATI is dedicated to providing a high-quality training experience to all students. Our policies outline our terms and agreements, as well as our expectations for classroom conduct.

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