Case Study


Haumiller Engineering Company designs and builds automated machinery for manufacturing operations. The company’s specially designed rotary continuous motion and rotary indexing machines drive production lines in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, electronics, consumer goods, and medical products. To maintain its leadership position, Haumiller needed to reduce its design cycle by 20%. To achieve this goal the design team needed a better way to reconcile the behavior of individual parts within an assembly without resorting to costly prototype tests. We decided to upgrade from our 2D AutoCAD drafting package to a more robust 3D solid modeling software.

Summary and Metrics:

  • 20% Decrease in the design cycle

The Solution

We chose SOLIDWORKS software for its superior ease-of-use, PC platform, and powerful 3D visualization capabilities. By visualizing the behavior of automated machinery assemblies in SOLIDWORKS, we are shortening our design cycle, eliminating costly rework, improving machinery performance, and speeding product delivery. With SOLIDWORKS, we expect to exceed our design cycle reduction goal, compressing the product development process by more than 30%, allowing us to concentrate our energy and mental resources on real engineering challenges.