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SOLIDWORKS Inspection Stand Alone Custom Project Template

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Stand Alone Custom Project Template One of the common questions that we get from SW Inspection customers is how to create or edit an existing project template to add in their own unique custom property values and fields. Well this is actually pretty easy to do so let me show you some steps along the way. First, you open a new project and pick the default.ixpdot template file as this is the original one shipped with the software. Once this opens, it will ask you to select a PDF or TIFF file to start the process. You just need to open any random PDF so that you can

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SOLIDWORKS: Flow Simulation Trajectory Plots

Flow Simulation Trajectory Plots   Trajectory plots in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation can be very informative for flow visualization, however, it is sometimes tricky to get what you want when using them with external flow results. I’ve found that for the starting point reference, sketches with patterned lines will generate a nice set of trajectories. Also, using planes that are parallel to the dominant flow direction can be useful. This reference selection choice is counter-intuitive but produces surprisingly good results.   Here’s an example showing a tanker truck moving down the highway at 65 MPH in a 25 MPH crosswind. The large blue arrow is the resultant velocity vector for the

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Creaform 3D Scanning: The MaxSHOT Next Unveiled

A New Optical Coordinate Measuring System for Large-Scale Metrology Projects     The MaxSHOT 3D photogrammetry cameras bring unmatched ease-of-use and accuracy to large-scale dimensional measurement projects for product development, manufacturing and quality control applications.   Creaform, the worldwide leader in portable 3D measurement solutions and engineering services, today announced the launch of a new generation of optical coordinate measuring systems, the MaxSHOT Next. Quality control and product development specialists from the aerospace, automotive, transportation and heavy industries will benefit from the system’s live go/no-go guidance feature for even more accurate and reliable measurements for their large-scale metrology projects.   Building on the first generation of MaxSHOT 3D™, Creaform has achieved

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SOLIDWORKS: Account Activation Exceeded

Account Activation Exceeded   This blog article will discuss:   What this message means Reasons you might be receiving this message when trying to activate a license Steps to avoid getting this error What to do when your hard drive crashes   Let’s begin by defining what the message “Account Activation Exceeded” means.   If this message pops up when you are trying to activate a license in SOLIDWORKS, it is informing you that you are trying to use more activation’s of the license than are currently available.   Reasons you may receive this message:   An old employee still has the license active on their machine. A forgotten machine still

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SOLIDWORKS: Using Construction Lines as Spline Scaffolding in 3D Sketches

Using SOLIDWORKS Construction Lines as Spline Scaffolding in 3D Sketches   Let’s talk about splines.   Not only is spline a fun word to say (try saying it ten times fast), but splines in SOLIDWORKS can be useful for creating curved geometry that cannot be easily described analytically. However, splines can sometimes be difficult to wrangle, especially in 3D sketches.  Start adding relations, and they can become downright terrifying. Not so fun anymore.   But there is a solution! You can use construction lines to set up a framework for the general shape of the spline, and to add relations without turning your splines into a can of worms (see what

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SOLIDWORKS: Difference Between SOLIDWORKS Loft & Boundary Features

What’s the Difference Between Loft and Boundary Features?   Loft and Boundary features are very similar but have a few differences. They are alike because they both allow you to blend together different shapes. They are different because you control each feature in different ways.   The differences show in the property manager. You will notice that the loft feature has sections called Profiles and Guide Curves. The Boundary feature has sections called Direction 1 and Direction 2.     In a Loft, Profiles are the primary influence of the shape. Guide curves are used to shape the outside of feature between profiles. Loft feature also contains a centerline parameter

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Stratasys 3D Printing: Metal Additive Manufacturing

Desktop Metal Extend Their Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Adoption of Metal Additive Manufacturing   As a result of this partnership, customers will be able to work with leading Stratasys resellers who will begin representing Desktop Metal solutions, including the recently announced Studio System and the Production System, alongside Stratasys’ broad family of advanced FDM and PolyJet solutions.   Expected to ship September 2017, Desktop Metal’s Studio System is the first office-friendly metal 3D printing solution. At up to ten times less expensive than today’s metal 3D printers.  For the first time, it’s possible to produce highly complex metal parts and assemblies with metal 3D printing without leaving the office.   What

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SOLIDWORKS: Visualize – Do You Have the Correct Video Card Driver?

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Drivers   At the end of March, support saw a big increase in calls with SOLIDWORKS slowdown because of windows automatically updating the video card driver. This driver didn’t work well with SOLIDWORKS and a lot of customers had to go to the SOLIDWORKS website and reinstall the correct diver. That blog post can be found by following this link.   When many people got to the website, they saw two different options that may have looked a little bit like this:     For most SOLIDWORKS users, clicking the 362.13 Driver did just fine. Today, I want to talk to the users that use or may sometimes use SOLIDWORKS

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SOLIDWORKS: Making Sense of Simulation Meshing – Part 1

Making Sense of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Meshing – Part 1   As an Application Engineer specializing in SOLIDWORKS Simulation, I often get asked, “How do I know if I have a good mesh?” The simple answer is, it’s not so simple. This is the first blog in a 3 part series that I will be posting about meshing. In this blog we will discuss meshing considerations for study types and purposes as well as mesh convergence considerations. The next two blogs in the series will talk discuss mesh quality tools, what they mean, and the types of meshers.   Meshing is a term for the process of discretizing CAD geometry. For the

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SOLIDWORKS: “ALT” the Under-Used SOLIDWORKS Shortcut Key

“ALT” the Under-Used SOLIDWORKS Shortcut Key If you have been using Microsoft Windows or OfficeTM for any length of time, you should know there are a plethora of keyboard shortcuts to help improve efficiency. Most of these shortcuts start with the “CTRL” key. (i.e. CTRL-O, CTRL-S, CTRL-Z etc.) What many people do not know is there are many other predefined keyboard shortcuts that begin with the “ALT” key. The reason for this is that it’s likely easier to find the CTRL key and there is little documentation available. For those of you familiar with the keyboard shortcuts in SOLIDWORKS 2017, you will recognize that most of the predefined shortcuts from

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