Nexans Autoelectric of America, Inc Customer Story

Nexans Autoelectric of America, Inc. is known internationally by automakers for vehicle electrical wiring systems, molded components, and clocksprings. Jeremy Richardson is a component designer that supports wire harness development at Nexans Autoelectric, Initially, Jeremy’s team purchased the SOLIDWORKS Simulation package through Computer Aided Technology as a cost-savings move to help with engagement force predictions and stress analysis. Jeremy says, “The current CAD system being used offered the desired simulation capabilities, however, at a very high price point. SOLIDWORKS offered […]

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Sperling Railway Services, Inc Customer Story

At Sperling Railway Services, Inc., designing on-track railroad maintenance equipment doesn’t typically present a challenge when it comes to weight. However, when the objective is to pick up tons of railway spikes, elevate them on an extended arm, and dump them a safe distance from the tracks, that’s where it gets tricky. “Normally on the railroad, we’re able to overbuild due to the fact that weight isn’t really an issue,” Scott Lanz says, Design Engineer at Sperling. “With this, we […]

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From InFlow Technology: Automatic PDM Standard SQL Backups

It has been over a year since the release of SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard. Nearly everyone agrees PDM Standard is a huge step forward from Workgroup -though we did become a bit spoiled because making backups in Workgroup is much more straightforward than PDM Standard backups. It frightens me how many locations I visit where PDM is not properly being backed up. Most people seem to do a pretty good job ensuring their files are being backed up (any good file […]

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What can you get from a topology study in SOLIDWORKS 2018?

As an engineer you can understand that there can be a multitude of solutions when creating machined or casted metal parts. One of the most difficult part of engineering these parts would be to start with a shape that not only looks good but can also serve to provide the most rigidity and least weight. Topology studies can show you the best shape to start with! Let’s work with this single body bridge, that is simply supported. Before you we […]

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F123 Head Change and Calibration

You will need to replace a print head in your F123 series printer if any of the following issues exist: There is a loss of extrusion caused by a clogged tip and you are unable to recover from the loss of extrusion. You are unable to load material into the head and you cannot unclog the tip You are having an issue with print quality or parts adhering to the tray and it has been determined that the issue is […]

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SolidWorks – Creating Internal Volume – Intersect

One of the key functionalities of the ‘Intersect’ command is to create geometry using an enclosed volume. This is a simple method for finding the internal volume of complex parts, the first step is to cap all inlets and outlets that lead to the internal volume: If your various inlets and outlets are planar, you can use the ‘planar surface’ command to cap that opening. There can be multiple openings assigned to a single ‘planar surface’ command. Additionally, if you […]

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So, you have to stay on SOLIDWORKS 2017 to remain compatible with your PDM software, yet you would really like to use VISUALIZE 2018 for the very latest in photo-realistic rendering. Is it possible then to utilize VISUALIZE 2018 on the same computer without upgrading the earlier version of SOLIDWORKS? The short answer is, “YES.” SOLIDWORKS and VISUALIZE are separate, freestanding products. This means SOLIDWORKS VISUALIZE can be installed and used on a machine that contains other versions of SOLIDWORKS. There […]

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Adding SOLIDWORKS Schematic Content – Electronic Content Portal

Beginning with the SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016 software, the ‘Local content’ folder for manufacturing parts is no longer available. To help ensure that customers use the most up-to-date manufacturer parts information, you must now log in to the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Content Portal (ECP) and download the latest content from there.   Default access to content will be to silver libraries.  Schematic users will be able to gain access to the ECP gold libraries through the “Update Subscription” feature. There is a general […]

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FROM INFLOW TECHNOLOGY: Get Version Dialog vs. Get Latest Version Dialog in SOLIDWORKS PDM

Get Version Dialog vs. Get Latest Version Dialog in SOLIDWORKS PDM Those of you who use SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional or Standard with the ability to get previous versions are likely already aware that there is functionality which allows you to get specific versions of files that you are interested in. This is available from a few different places within PDM, but most commonly accessed from the Actions menu within Windows Explorer. Under this menu there are two options. One is […]

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