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Stratasys 3D Printing: How to Setup a Multi Body Print Job – Polyjet

Setting up a Multi Body Print with a Stratasys 3D Printer – Polyjet Some of the Objet Polyjet line of Stratasys machines can print in multiple materials at the same time. You can get parts that have a hard plastic surface, clear/see through sections, and soft rubber over molding all in one print job. But how does the printer know where to apply the specific materials? The user interface in the Objet Studio software is very simple and easy to use. All you have to do is assign a specific material to an entire STL model. Let’s take a look at a pair of glasses that will need rigid material for

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Chamfering Surfaces in SOLIDWORKS

If you do a lot of surface modeling in SOLIDWORKS, you may have gone bonkers looking for the chamfer command. Don’t worry, a conniving coworker did not modify your toolbar layout. Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the software. You cannot use the chamfer feature on surface bodies. The chamfer command is not even visible if your part consists of only surface bodies. Let’s explore two different methods of working around this limitation. These methods do require a few additional features. Despite the extra steps, the result is a robust model. In our example below, we have a part file that contains two intersecting surface bodies. We would like to

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Fixing balloons that aren’t attached in your SOLIDWORKS Drawing

What do you do when the Balloons in your SOLIDWORKS drawing are not attached to your models? Chances are you give us a call in Tech Support, because if you’re like me, you’ve not seen anything like this before. This question came into support a few months ago and I thought it was an isolated incident. It’s come up several times since so I thought I’d share it. If you look at the following image of a SOLIDWORKS drawing, you’ll see that something isn’t right with the balloons. These balloons were created with the Auto-Balloon command some of which I’ve removed and repositioned. No amount of dragging the arrows to

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SOLIDWORKS: How to Change the Language

SOLIDWORKS has users all over the world, and as such it is necessary to be able to install it in various languages. Being fluent in Spanish, I decided I wanted at least one of my versions in Spanish so that I could try it out. However, because my user account on my computer is set to English, it would default to English no matter how I would install it. I found a solution to create an alternate user profile and set the default language to Spanish, but I wanted something easier than that. Here are the steps that I used to switch one of my installations to Spanish. First, the

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DriveWorks Case Study – FleetwoodGoldcoWyard

FleetwoodGold-coWyard is a custom machinery manufacturer for the food and beverage packaging industry. For over half a century, Fleet-woodGoldcoWyard has been constantly evolving their product line configuration to “offer a full complement of packaging automation solutions across a wide range of global markets”. Their products can be highly customized to a customer’s unique specifications.   Automation without Requiring Software Programming Skills Due to the expansive product range at FleetwoodGold-coWyard, custom design is a long process. With DriveWorks Design Automation software, engineers at FleetwoodGoldcoWyard are designing the custom products required by their customers without needing the software programming skills to automate the designs for customization. This means that the engineers who

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Central Indiana SOLIDWORKS User Group

Register now for a Joint Meeting in Lafayette with the PSUG (Purdue SOLIDWORKS User Group) lead by Hailey Turner. View this email in your browser  Central Indiana SOLIDWORKS User Group Make Your Reservation Now Date: Thursday September 22nd. Registration and Networking: 4:30pm Program: 5:00 p.m.Place: ENGINEERING Innovation Inc. 3601 Sagamore Parkway North. Suite EII. Lafayette, Indiana 47904   Agenda: General Meeting and something about SOLIDWORKS 2017- Peter 1st Technical Presentation. Brandon Nelms. “Comparing PhotoView 360with the new SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard “ Dinner (Sponsored by SWUGN) 2nd. Technical Presentation. Phil Whitaker. “Tips and Tricks in Setting up Toolbox so it works for everybody” Door Prizes. Group Photo-shoot ENGINEERING Innovation facility tour – Jason Hoag Door Prize Sponsor Our Support Sponsors

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CATI Design Innovation Summit – SOLIDWORKS 2017 Launch

The CATI and MCAD teams will host our annual Design Innovation Summit this October and November. We have listened to your feedback from previous events, chose better equipped venues, and reworked the content to show you more of What’s NEW in SOLIDWORKS 2017. Each session will be a deep dive into the NEW functionality as well as step by step instruction on how to use it. With content created by our Application Engineers, you will leave this year’s Design Innovation Summit with the knowledge to help you get your job done right and be more prepared to update to SOLIDWORKS 2017!  This year’s content is built around an incredible life

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SOLIDWORKS World 2017 Call for Presentations

  SOLIDWORKS World 2017 Call for Presentations CATI’s monthly contribution to the SOLIDWORKS Blog was posted earlier this month and this month I documented the Where, When, What, Why & How of SOLIDWORKS World and submitting a presentation for SOLIDWORKS World. The article answers all of the critical questions and has images of on-line form for submitting a presentation for SOLIDWORKS World. If you would like to submit a presentation, go to this web page and fill out the online form SOLIDWORKS World 2017 call for papers. The deadline to submit ideas is September 14th, 2016 so get your ideas in soon as space is always limited. I would also

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How to organize inspection documents by type automatically when exporting them from SOLIDWORKS Inspection?

There are several organizations that would like to have their FAI/In Process reports separated by either dimensions or method of measurement. I am sure there are several other ways companies would organize their inspection documents, so this process can be used in other ways. Lets dive into the different ways documents can be separated. For those of you who are excel guru’s, you can use an IF and Then formula. Perhaps you can even write a macro to hide certain rows so that only the characters you want are shown. The only down point to this is, the user must be good at programming or have in-depth knowledge of excel.

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How to manage the SOLIDWORKS Dimension Spacing Options

When dimensions are put on a drawing, they are placed where we click or where the Rapid dimensioning (Dimensions Assist Tool) puts it. When tolerances are added, the dimensions move. This is frustrating because more time is spent cleaning up the dimension spacing. The good news is that there is a checkbox for that! Go to Tools > Options > System Options > Drawings   Uncheck Reduce spacing when dimensions are deleted or edited (add or change tolerances, text, etc.)   If you prefer to leave that option checked, you can control the dimension spacing yourself. Go to Tools > Options > Document Properties > Dimensions.  Change the Offset distances to

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