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Fixing balloons that aren’t attached in your SOLIDWORKS Drawing

What do you do when the Balloons in your SOLIDWORKS drawing are not attached to your models? Chances are you give us a call in Tech Support, because if you’re like me, you’ve not seen anything like this before. This question came into support a few months ago and I thought it was an isolated incident. It’s come up several times since so I thought I’d share it. If you look at the following image of a SOLIDWORKS drawing, you’ll see that something isn’t right with the balloons. These balloons were created with the Auto-Balloon command some of which I’ve removed and repositioned. No amount of dragging the arrows to

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SOLIDWORKS- Linking Assembly Balloons to Notes

SOLIDWORKS- Linking Assembly Balloons to Notes SOLDWORKS offers many annotation enhancements to your drawings, one of them being the ability to relate the BOM to different drawing views by using balloons. SOLIDWORKS even goes a step further by automating the ballooning process with the Auto Balloon feature. But there are many other dynamic uses for balloons than the traditional part numbering. On occasion, when working with drawing assemblies, it would be nice to link the itemized balloons to a note. This comes in handy when working with multiple configurations of an assembly or listing out specific instructions on a drawing. Take the following Camping Flashlight for example: Adding in manufacturing

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How to organize inspection documents by type automatically when exporting them from SOLIDWORKS Inspection?

There are several organizations that would like to have their FAI/In Process reports separated by either dimensions or method of measurement. I am sure there are several other ways companies would organize their inspection documents, so this process can be used in other ways. Lets dive into the different ways documents can be separated. For those of you who are excel guru’s, you can use an IF and Then formula. Perhaps you can even write a macro to hide certain rows so that only the characters you want are shown. The only down point to this is, the user must be good at programming or have in-depth knowledge of excel.

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How to manage the SOLIDWORKS Dimension Spacing Options

When dimensions are put on a drawing, they are placed where we click or where the Rapid dimensioning (Dimensions Assist Tool) puts it. When tolerances are added, the dimensions move. This is frustrating because more time is spent cleaning up the dimension spacing. The good news is that there is a checkbox for that! Go to Tools > Options > System Options > Drawings   Uncheck Reduce spacing when dimensions are deleted or edited (add or change tolerances, text, etc.)   If you prefer to leave that option checked, you can control the dimension spacing yourself. Go to Tools > Options > Document Properties > Dimensions.  Change the Offset distances to

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Controlling Sub-Assembly components in the Bill of Material

Sometimes when working with an assembly you have a desire for hiding or showing sub components in your Bill of Material. There are Configuration Properties that can control this for you. Take the following building block racecar for example: If your company is constantly designing new products using these pieces you will probably come up with some sub-assemblies. Possibly for the figure, axel assembly and steering wheel: Now imagine if your supplier has multiple wheels and tires that can be purchased and they sell them individually while they sell the figures as a whole. This can cause issues with your Bill of Material. If you do a Parts only BOM,

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Upcoming CATI Training Classes for August 2016 – Featuring SOLIDWORKS Drawings

In order to obtain the full potential of the powerful tools provided by Computer Aided Technology (CATI), over 70 training classes are offered in August 2016. CATI is certified by SOLIDWORKS, Stratasys and our other partners. In addition to the complete catalog of course offerings from these partners, CATI has developed unique classes to meet the needs of our customers. In total, there are over 50 training classes to choose from including classes in Design, Simulation, Data Management, Design Automation, 3D Printing and more. Classroom Training The traditional method of learning is the classroom environment. To help you get the most out of our products, CATI, along with MCAD Technologies, operate

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Invisible External Reference in a SOLIDWORKS Drawing

SOLIDWORKS Drawing I bet that title caught your attention! It did mine when I was on a support call with a customer who had a part listed as an external reference on the drawing but it didn’t exist in any view. The scenario was this: A drawing was created of an assembly. This was a small 5 part assembly with only 1 exploded view configuration. There was a part that showed up when selecting Find References but, this part was not part of the assembly or in any view on the drawing. Say what?!?! It’s actually a very simple fix for this. I’ll show you. Here is an assembly with 12 parts. The

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Automatically Inserting Centerlines within a SOLIDWORKS Drawing

Setting up your drawings to automatically add centerlines is quick and easy. This blog will show you two different options for auto insertion which generate two types of centerlines on your drawings. If you would like these settings to be applied to all future part drawings, make sure to update your templates by adding these options and resaving those templates. Navigating to these Auto Insert options: Tools Options Document Properties Detailing Auto insert on view creation Below is an image which points using orange arrows, to the Detailing option and first option we talk about under the Auto Insert on view creation. The first auto insert option with regards to

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Missing Templates After Updating SOLIDWORKS

With each update of SOLIDWORKS, there’s always something missing. Missing templates is one of the most common problems. It’s also the easiest to fix. There are 2 places in the System Options to check: Default Templates and File locations. Default Templates Go to Tools > Options > Systems Options > Default Templates There are 3 default templates: Part, Assemblies and Drawings. These default templates are used for: Insert, Mirror Part Insert, Component, New Part Insert, Component, New Assembly Form New Sub-assembly Here File, Derived Component Part Anywhere SOLIDWORKS does not prompt you for a template. Options include a choice to ‘Always use these default document templates’ or ‘Prompt use to select

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SOLIDWORKS 2016 What’s New – SOLIDWORKS COMPOSER – Views – #SW2016

In this latest version of SOLIDWORKS Composer there are a few enhancements that are worth noting, in my last article we looked at the changes to timeline tracks and in this article we will look at some enhancements to the views panel. Now in SOLIDWORKS / CATIA Composer 2016 your active view will have a dark gray lined border around it. This will lower confusion about what the current active view. In a previous version of Composer the only indicator would be the current selected view but not the active view. The other option is Restore Active Views Visibility. This visibility command will restore the hidden/shown property that are captured

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