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Upcoming CATI Training Classes for September 2016

Are looking to improve your SOLIDWORKS modeling skills? Are you struggling to complete basic tasks? Are you tired of asking coworkers for help or calling tech support just to meet a deadline? Register today for one of our many training courses and let one of our highly skilled techs help you on your path to become a SOLIDWORKS Expert! We offer our classes in 2 formats; classroom and virtual classroom. Here is a snapshot of all of the upcoming training for all of our locations. This schedule also tells you how many seats are available as of 8/9/16. Hurry and sign up before your class fills up! An insight into

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Warning message of critical alert in SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP 0

You must have seen this message show up as you start SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP0:   If you have a custom property for the date created in your part, drawing, and/or assembly, you may want to upgrade to SP1.1.  The problem will cause the date in that custom property to roll back a day every time you open the file.  It's just good practice to upgrade even though you don't use that custom property.  For those of you who have access to SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP 0, but do not have access to SP1 or newer, SOLIDWORKS will give you access to download and upgrade to SP 1.1. Please contact your SOLIDWORKS provider

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How to copy files using Solidworks Pack and Go

When you don't use a file management system, keeping files organized can be a hassle.  So, what happens is users put all their part, drawing, and assembly files into the same folder.  This will cause issues when creating new revisions.   Once the deed is done and all files are in the same location there will be a hefty price to pay to move files into the correct folder locations.  Pack and Go will help to keep the references from getting lost but you will still pay with time.  To do this correctly, first have your file structure created on a server or anywhere you like.  Keep in mind that

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Wisconsin – Illinois Simulation User Group

 The best way to evaluate design performance is by testing it. With ever reducing design cycle time, and multitude of projects every engineer needs to work upon; virtual testing paves the way to save time and money.  On November 5th an elite group meets up in Wisconsin trying to understand, how fellow designers crank the most out of their designs. The Wisconsin / Illinois Simulation User Group is made of individuals who go an extra step with conceptual designs. The discussions spring around different features available in SolidWorks Simulation, work arounds to set backs if any, cool use of technology to come up with next generation designs. Engineers from all walks

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It’s Just Time to…uninstall, clean, and reinstall SolidWorks

I as a tech hate, and I repeat hate telling a customer that they should uninstall and reinstall to try and solve a problem.  To me that is just poor troubleshooting.  I say that this is much like taking you car to a mechanic and him saying that I think that you have a bad head gasket.  Well the fact is that I either do or don’t have a bad head gasket, but I refuse to tear it down and just “throw parts” at the problem.  I would say that it is time to take a hard look at the mechanic. That leads into the next question.  Have I ever

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It’s just time to…

    Hello all, I have some opinions that I would like to throw out to the blog world.  Hopefully I can get all of these to fall into one cohesive thought pattern, but if not bear with me I will do my best.  I am going to call this series “It’s just time to…”  I have worked with CATI for more than 8 years now and cover a variety of roles.  From presales meetings and demonstrations, to phone in technical support, and on site consulting I have worked with our cad customers through tons of issues. From their networks and workstations, setups and installations, to training and support.     Let’s

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