How To Install SOLIDWORKS CAM 2023

We talked all about What’s New in SOLIDWORKS CAM last month. So now that you know what’s new, let’s talk about how to install SOLIDWORKS CAM 2023. The SOLIDWORKS CAM installation can be broken down into 2 sections (CAM Standard, CAM Standard TBM) and (CAM Professional).

CAM Standard & CAM Standard TBM

The installation process is simple with CAM. All you have to do is run the 2023 SOLIDWORKS installation manager and CAM is one of the features you can automatically include by default.

When installing SOLIDWORKS CAM in a new installation, just check the box for SOLIDWORKS CAM.

After the installation is complete, open SOLIDWORKS and activate the SOLIDWORK CAM add-in. Make sure you note that you can activate it for either the current session (left check) or to automatically load at startup (right check).

After you install SOLIDWORKS CAM, you will need to go into SOLIDWORKS and activate the add-in.

Once you activate the add-in, right-click on the Command Manager, then go to Tabs, and select SOLIDWORKS CAM and SOLIDWORKS CAM TBM to them to the Command Manager.

how to install solidworks cam 2023, How To Install SOLIDWORKS CAM 2023


To set up an existing Machine Post and Tech  DB, you can copy the database to C:\ProgramData\SolidWorks\SOLIDWORKS CAM 2023. If you don’t have the database stored in the default location, you can link it from within the Tech DB

Note: You may have the ProgramData folder set to hidden. To show hidden files and folders, open Windows Explorer, select the View tab, and check the box for Hidden Items.

how to install solidworks cam 2023, How To Install SOLIDWORKS CAM 2023

To manage your database(s) and Tech DB, open SOLIDWORKS and go to the SOLIDWORKS CAM tab. Next, click on the Technology Database button.

how to install solidworks cam 2023, How To Install SOLIDWORKS CAM 2023

Once the Technology Database loads, please close SOLIDWORKS.

In the Tech DB, select Settings from the tabs on the left.

  • If you have a current database select the Import Database tab and click Browse to link it.
  • To manage or add additional databases, select the Manage Database tab.

When you need to upgrade a tech db in SOLIDWORKS CAM, make sure you stop SOLIDWORKS after opening the database.

Update your tech db settings in SOLIDWORKS CAM when going through the upgrade or installation.


The installation process for SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional is similar to SOLIDWORKS CAM. The big difference, however, is that it needs the product serial. If you do not know your serial or would like to purchase SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional, contact your VAR (Computer Aided Technology).

Run the SOLIDWORKS 2023 installation manager (or modify an existing installation) and when prompted for the serial information, expand the SOLIDWORKS CAM item and add the SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional serial number.

To install SOLIDWORKS CAM professional, you'll need to provide the serial number in the installation manager.

Click next through the remaining installation windows to complete the installation of SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional.

We hope this series has helped you successfully install SOLIDWORKS 2023.  Please check back to the CATI Blog as the dedicated support team will continue posting new series of articles every month that go further into the details of many of the SOLIDWORKS tools. All of these articles will be stored in the category of Daily Dose of SolidWorks Support.

Chris Villeneuve
Technical Support Engineer II
Computer Aided Technology, LLC


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