Designing Racecar design into the winner’s circle with SOLIDWORKS solutions

JL Racing Products

By moving from 2D to SOLIDWORKS 3D design, JL Racing reduced its design cycles while improving quality and boosting throughput, all of which enabled the leading manufacturer of racecars in Brazil to support substantial growth.

JL Racing Products (JLE) is the leading manufacturer of racecars in Brazil. The company develops racecars and systems—such as bodies, chassis, and suspensions—for the top Brazilian
motorsports circuits. Their production includes stock cars, Brazilian Tourism Cup (light series stock cars), racecars that compete for the coveted Petrobras Cup, and technical support for the Mercedes challenge category. Over the years, JLE has built a reputation for quality and technical competence in Brazilian auto racing.

“SOLIDWORKS surfacing and large assembly design tools have allowed us not only to design faster, safer cars, but also to improve car aesthetics.”
Gustavo Lehto Gomes Engineering Coordinator, JL Racing Products