National Center for Atmospheric Research

Advancing human understanding of the Earth’s atmosphere with SolidWorks

Because SolidWorks provides a complete suite of design and simulation tools, NCAR engineers are better equipped to support research projects that involve the complex physics present at high atmospheric altitudes.

Scientists can learn much about our world by investigating the atmospheric barrier between Earth and space. How fast is the ozone layer deteriorating, and how can we stop it? What are the pollutants in the upper atmosphere, and how do they impact our environment? What’s happening with climate change, and can anyone truly predict the weather—especially the formation of dangerous storms like hurricanes?

"SolidWorks enables us to provide excellent support to the scientific community while saving time and money. Much of what we do would be impossible or impractical without SolidWorks.”
Steve Rauenbuehler Mechanical Engineer, National Center for Atmospheric Research