Case Study


Rexam Design Engineering Manager, Jeff Taddy, has spent years in search of something very specific. “The most efficient mold design,” he states very matter-of-factly.

Taddy manages a team of nine designers and engineers at Rexam, a plastic-injection molding company that provides packaging solutions to various markets, such as healthcare, personal care, and food and beverage.

With almost every 3D CAD tool available to his team, Taddy says that SOLIDWORKS is often their preferred tool for a couple of reasons.

The Solution

“Ease-of-use. If we have our own prerogative, a project will be done using SOLIDWORKS,” said Taddy. And the other reason? “I have an influence, and that means that the software is going where I need it to go.”

Taddy reflected back to the mid-90’s when SOLIDWORKS Corporate solicited input from him and his team, specific to SOLIDWORKS’ mold design capabilities. Coupled with partnering with CATI as a technology resource for 3D CAD, Taddy feels confident that he is on the right track.

I definitely feel that SOLIDWORKS will get me where I want to go.