3D Scanning Services from CATI: Tools, Deliverables, and Applications

  • Aug. 30th 2022
  • 11:00am - 12:00pm CST

Traditional methods of reverse engineering require hours of manual measurements and calculations — with no guarantee on accuracy. Using 3D Scanning technology, you not only gain speed, but also verify the accuracy of your data.

As the world integrates the concept of 3D more and more into design and manufacturing, it is easy to see that the complexity of part geometry is on the rise.

Have you ever experienced the “joy” (read: frustration) of trying to measure or model one of these parts? If you have, you’ll know your tried-and-true calipers just won’t cut it anymore. In this presentation, we’ll explore how our team of 3D scanning experts can make that frustration disappear with our extensive portfolio of tools and deliverable options, as well as take a look at some interesting applications you may not have thought 3D scanning was capable of.


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