How 3D Scanning Solutions Can Solve Labor Shortage Issues for NDT Service Companies - Hosted by Creaform

  • Dec. 7th 2022
  • 7:00am - 8:00am CST

The challenges facing NDT service companies are becoming increasingly prominent. First, these issues exist in a market made up of old, rapidly aging infrastructure, which causes an increased demand for inspection. Moreover, a shortage of skilled labor as well as an increased departure rate of retiring experienced technicians adds a lot of pressure on service companies to keep pace with projects and honor their contracts. One way or the other, productivity gain is needed to keep answering the growing demands with less manpower.

This webinar will present solutions for these modern NDT industry challenges. A representative of the oil and gas pipeline industry will also be present to discuss how Creaform’s 3D scanning technologies combined with Pipecheck have disrupted their way of working and provided them with a real competitive advantage. Finally, VXintegrity’s new modules will be presented with applications that could disrupt service companies’ way of working in other industries such as refineries, power plant, mining, and much more.

If you manage an NDT service company and face many hurdles with a crippling staff shortage and a spike in inspection demand, this webinar is for you!


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