Strategies For Using Blocks In SOLIDWORKS

  • May. 26th 2022
  • 1:00pm - 2:00pm CST

Part Blocks, Assembly Blocks, Layout Sketch with Blocks – Blocks OH ‘My!

Do you know that SOLIDWORKS can work with Blocks? Yes, the same type of Blocks that have been around since the beginnings of CAD. Join Computer Aided Technology and Sr. Application Engineer Craig Maurer as he covers a wide range of uses for Blocks. From easy geometry reuse to laying out a mechanisms motions, you will see how Block if into the design process in SOLIDWORKS.

If you don’t know what a Block is, and would like to learn more, this webinar is for you. Are you a DraftSight Power user and know what Blocks are, but don’t know how to use them in SOLIDWORKS? Good news, this webinar is also for you.


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