PostProcess Announces Partner Coverage Across North America

January 20th, 2022

BUFFALO, N.Y., May 22, 2018 –  PostProcess Technologies, the pioneer of automated and intelligent post-printing solutions for industrial 3D printing, announced today it has further expanded its channel partner coverage in North America. PostProcess has secured agreements with AdvancedTek, Cimetrix, Fisher Unitech, and Tech-Labs.

PostProcess channel partners were selected based on exacting requirements beyond geographic representation:

  • Market Leaders: All channel partners are recognized leaders in driving access to and adoption of 3D printing technologies. They include some of the largest, most successful resellers of 3D printers.
  • Polymers and Metals: All partners represent both metal 3D printing systems as well as polymer. This was critical selection criteria as PostProcess post-printing solutions enable scalability of all materials and all technologies.
  • Industry Advocates: All partners have established frameworks to educate and support their customers on advanced 3D printing solutions. PostProcess’ technologies fundamentally reshape the additive manufacturing opportunity and require partners who are at the forefront of change.

“We have a very high bar for channel partners because of the revolutionary nature of our technology and our role driving next generation 3D printing possibilities,” said Jeff Mize, CEO, PostProcess. “All four of our new partners, along with existing partners Prototyping Solutions / Technical Training Aids and TekPro, are proven leaders in additive manufacturing, help drive advanced thinking and cutting-edge technology adoption, and share an exceptional customer service commitment the same as our own.”

Newly signed channel partners by region include:

  • AdvancedTek, a Platinum Partner reseller for Stratasys and Desktop Metal 3D printers, will bring its decades of 3D printing industry expertise to represent PostProcess in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and North and South Dakota. “Now that many of our customers have moved beyond basic prototyping into advanced prototyping, tooling and manufacturing applications, they are looking to AdvancedTek for help in managing process control, automation and quality assurance in part finishing,” commented Matt Havekost, Vice President of Additive Manufacturing Sales. “We are excited to partner with PostProcess to offer our customers solutions that will help them get the most out of their plastic and metal additive manufacturing systems for prototyping, tooling, and production.”
  • Cimetrix, a division of Javelin Technologies, is Canada’s leading additive manufacturing solutions provider for both commercial and academic verticals. Cimetrix specializes in supporting applications with stringent requirements, including high-performance prototypes, tooling, and manufacturing aids, as well as end use parts. “With our focus on offering our customers a comprehensive solution including 3D printing technology, software, design, implementation, and training services, PostProcess’ portfolio is a perfect fit,” said James Janeteas, President & CEO of Cimetrix. “Our clients in automotive, aerospace, medical, defense, and many more markets will benefit greatly from Post Process’ automated, software-driven technology.”
  • Fisher Unitech, a leading technology provider of 3D design software tools and 3D printers, will represent PostProcess in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and New England. Fisher Unitech is one of the largest providers of Stratasys 3D printers in the world. “Fisher Unitech aims to fundamentally improve manufacturing in America by delivering the best product development software and additive manufacturing solutions available,” commented Matt Wise, CEO at Fisher Unitech. “The PostProcess platform aligns perfectly with our mission, as its combined software, chemistry and hardware solutions will allow our customers to significantly improve their operational productivity and quality.”
  • Tech-Labs, or Technical Laboratory Systems Inc., will represent PostProcess in the South-Central US. Tech-Labs is a full-service provider of additive manufacturing solutions, skills training equipment, and software for advanced manufacturing, industrial maintenance, and engineering segments. Tech-Labs is a top 30 Stratasys Platinum reseller and also represents Renishaw and Desktop Metal. “We are pleased to bring PostProcess’ technology to our customers looking to further optimize their 3D printing operations,” said Warner Brown, VP at Tech-Labs. “We immediately recognized the innovation and impact of the PostProcess solution and are excited to offer our customers access to this latest cutting-edge technology for 3D printing.”

About PostProcess Technologies:

PostProcess Technologies is the only provider of automated and intelligent post-processing solutions for 3D printed parts. PostProcess Technologies removes the bottleneck in the third step of 3D printing – post-processing. Through patent-pending technology, PostProcess Technologies delivers consistency and scalability in addition to an increase in productivity. Customers span many industries including aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, defense and medical.

Media Contact:

Diana Robbins, Director of Marketing


Computer Aided Technology Contact

Jim TeDesco, VP Marketing | 888-308-2284 |

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