SOLIDWORKS Utilities – CAD Productivity Software for Design Comparison

SOLIDWORKS Utilities is a suite of time-saving productivity enhancements, fully integrated with SolidWorks. SOLIDWORKS Utilities provides the added capabilities needed to work efficiently in any collaborative environment that requires multiple design changes and revisions.

Nine categories of Functionality

  1. Compare Geometry – Enables determination of what geometry is different between two designs using Face Comparison, Geometry Comparison, or View Synchronization.
  2. Compare Features – Highlights what model features are different between two designs and color-codes them from easy identification.   A list of differences can be generated.
  3. Document Compare – Allows easy comparison of the properties of 2 SOLIDWORKS documents.
  4. Feature Paint – Allows application of one feature to another.
  5. Geometry Analysis – Helps identify and existing feature parameters and attributes highlight problematic imported geometry in a part based on user-specified parameters such as minimum fillet radius, minimum sliver face size, etc.
  6. Power Select – Select edges, loops, faces, and features based on geometric criteria.
  7. Power Editing – Find, modify, and suppress features within a model based on their parameters.
  8. Thickness Analysis – Provides an analysis tool to identify thin and thick regions in part documents.
  9. Simplify Geometry – Simplify parts and assembly documents and create simplified configurations automatically.

Find differences between two versions of the same part quickly and easily. Identify and highlight problematic imported geometry in a part and avoid errors downstream. Find, modify, and suppress features within a model. Easy to learn and use.