Case Study


ARPAC offers integrated packaging solutions, stretch wrapping equipment, shrink tunnels, case erectors, shrink tunnels and a variety of packaging solutions for industries of all types and sizes.

In the packaging industry, it’s important to think outside the box when designing an attention grabbing container. Just like the cover of a book, most people judge a product by its packaging before buying.

Marketing experts agree that a products packaging may well be the most important element to a product’s success. ARPAC, the leader in consumer packaging, relies on CATI for comprehensive support.

“CATI invests a lot of money back into the technical support service aspect of the business. They offer proprietary courses that are extremely beneficial to the client – and it’s industry specific. For example, the industrial design course that CATI offers, address everyday situations and problems which engineers encounter. there are a lot of forward thinkers at CATI.”
Ryan King Director of IT