Case Study

Tangible Solutions

Tangible solutions started in 2013 in the garage of co-owner Charlie Fox and has grown as fast as the 3D printing technology industry.

Tangible Solutions educates and trains businesses on how to successfully leverage and deploy 3D printing.

Currently, Tangible Solutions operations are in Ohio and Indiana with over 75 clients including the Air Force, Parker-Hannifin, and UTC.

“We’ve evolved from just providing services in terms of prototyping in design to now similarly consulting with companies on how additive manufacturing works, where it fits in that organization, and how to utilize the technology to really make it work for them.”
Adam Clark Chief Strategy Officer. Tangible Solutions

The Challenge

Many manufacturers struggle to understand how 3D printing can integrate with their business. By now the marketplace is aware of 3D printing however, with hundreds of different 3D printer offerings, applications and materials there can be significant confusion for the appropriate decision. Managers often have trouble with justifying the upfront costs, learning curve requirements and of course, the return on investment analysis necessary of 3D printing technologies. Tangible Solutions assists companies to address this challenge.

The Solution

Tangible Solutions has developed curriculum that is focused on 3D printing training, engineering design, and services to provide unique 3D printing manufacturing solutions for each customer’s requirements. Tangible Solutions provides an extensive variety of services from introductory 3D printing concepts, applications and techniques to hands on training combined with what should be considered when designing for 3D printing processes.

3DVision Technologies has been a significant partner with Tangible Solutions by supplying all their Stratasys 3D Printers as well as sharing the latest technology and providing 3D printing expertise. “Your in-house knowledge has been a huge help. We attended one of your open houses and being able to understand the future technologies and terminology has helped us educate our own customers” says Adam Clark, Chief Strategy Officer.