Customer Story

Utah Trikes

Utah Trikes needed the ability to make prototype pieces they could actually test, and that would be both cost and time efficient.

It didn’t take long for the team at Utah Trikes to see what 3D printing could do for them.

“The FDM Nylon 12CF is fantastic. It’s changing everything for us. The strength of the material, as well as its soluble support, are game changers. Stratasys FDM Nylon 12CF parts can be printed faster, with superior stiffness-to-weight performance and with better repeatability than any other 3D printing technology we’ve seen. The superior mechanical properties of FDM Nylon 12CF Carbon Fiber and its ability to be used in all stages of the manufacturing process, from rapid prototyping to jigs and fixtures to final production parts for short-runs and custom orders. With FDM Nylon 12CF, we’re able to make parts we wouldn’t otherwise be able to make.”  -Ashley Guy, President and CEO Utah Trikes